What is LBL?

I wrote about my experience with LBL Light Bladder Leakage & Poise Microliner as part of a sponsored post for Socialstars. #SAMInYourPants

oh the joys of motherhood! We wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world, right? Yes that is true, but there are a lot of ‘issues’ we have to worry about now that we are moms. Many of these issues were topics that I didn’t even know existed.

Light Bladder Leakage or LBL is one of them. At least mine appeared after my children were born, but maybe everyone is a little different. I have two main triggers – laughing and coughing.


The worst is in a crowded movie theater. Your bladder fills up as your gulping down your supersize drink and you want to run and go pee, but what if you miss part of the movie? Plus you don’t want to inch your way past all those people in the aisle. You hang in there until…you laugh! Whoops maybe you should have gone, but now you definitely do. Excuse me everyone!


Really though, coughing is what wears me down the most. My body is already tired when I’m sick and when I begin to start hacking, I can’t stop. I can’t stop anything! ugh.


I’ve heard many women say that exercise is a trigger. Stand, sit, jump, run. Our body is being stretched in multiple different ways and punishes us with LBL. Always remember though, it happens to many of us! You are not alone.


What can we do? One way to stay prepared is always having a Poise Microliner in your purse or bag. They are small and can be tucked away until needed. To see a sample, head over to Poise.com and have a free one sent to you!


If you need #SAMInYourPants (super absorbent material!) be sure to check out Poise.

Tell me I’m not the only mom this affects! 🙂

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