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You can never have enough water bottles! I say this all the time, especially on days when your child loses his entire lunch box at school with all containers inside. Yes, this just happened at our house. Good thing Laken USA new bottles just arrived at our door.

I don’t like to call these Water Bottles though. When you can keep drinks cold up to 20 hours or hot up to 10, they are more like Food and Beverage Containers don’t you think? Keep coffee (hot or iced!), teas, soups, smoothies and more in them.

Laken Insulated Bottles

Laken Insulated Water Bottles

We received the Classic Laken Thermo Vaccum Insulated Wide Mouth with Loop Cap which are made with high quality stainless steel so all your flavor will taste exactly like it should. No gross metallic taste. The outside is nice. I like the tough feel and the bright colorful colors.

These are a great size for the boy’s lunch boxes and the tall one is great for Hubby’s work where his drinks will stay cold All.Day.Long.

Laken’s products are made in Spain where they’ve been in business for over 100 years. They are made BPA and other toxins-free and 100% recyclable.


You can also add accessories to your bottles. I chose the wide necked which isn’t the best choice for the littles ones, but I plan on adding the Jannu flip drinking cap which adds a straw on top. It will be much better for P’diddy because right now he can’t have the drink in the car by himself.

They also have neat Neoprene Covers with a strap that are awesome for carrying the bottles in!

Check out ~ they manufacture bottles, canteens, flasks, food containers, cookware and more and have a lot of grand opening specials going on introducing their USA store!

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