K’NEX Roller Coasters

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Let’s Build! Lots of great ideas from K’NEX like K’NEX Roller Coasters for the holidays ~ all ages and levels of play!

These first two I’m going to share with you I’m really excited about because they teach science and how simple machines work. Let those little minds get creative and experiment!

These are for the middle school age. 5th thru 9th grade and are great to work out with a partner.

Knex Energy

K’NEX Education Investigating Super Energy ~ allow them to go green and build build 6 renewable energy models.

Knex Simple Machines

K’NEX Education Simple & Compound Machines ~ enough to build 16 fully-functioning replicas of real-world machines.

K’NEX Education focuses on science, technology, engineering and mathematics concepts taught through problem-solving, discovery, exploratory learning and critical thinking.

Love how they can learn, but they just think of it as play!

 Knex Tinkertoy

Now how about one for the younger crowd? Though I think we’ll all admit we love Tinkertoys!

150 durable, plastic pieces including spools, rods, wings, eyes, Super Tink buildable figure AND new panel pieces!

The more you have the more cool things you can build! A bird? A plane? Maybe Superman? 🙂

 Knex Super Mario Ghost House

Do you have Nintendo fans at your house? Check out the K’NEX Super Mario 3D Land Ghost House.

Re-create your favorite levels from your favorite games as you battle enemies, collect coins and make your way to the goal flag.

Over 500 pieces to build and then play your way to the end. Hours of fun!


Now for the most thrilling rides! Oh I mean toys! The K’NEX roller coasters…

K'NEX Supersonic Swirl

The K’NEX Supersonic Swirl is not a coaster I guess, but it fits right in. Wouldn’t you like to go for a ride? 474 parts that actually move and spin around.

K'NEX Star Shooter

The K’NEX Star Shooter is over 3 feet tall! Watch as the coaster cars zips and zags up and around the twirling tracks. Yes they move too!

K’NEX Roller Coasters

K'NEX Roller Coasters

Team them up with the K’NEX Amazin’ 8 Roller Coaster that is over 2.5 ft once built. Again the coaster cars loop through the figure 8, up and down the curving tracks!

KNEX Roller Coasters Thunderbolt

Hope you have room for your new amusement park because now I’m going to share the biggest one of all. The K’NEX Thunderbolt Strike.

With 869 pieces and over 17ft of track that loops and and curves. Comes with two cars and two figures so you can watch this motorized storm come to life!

K’NEX is made in the USA.

WIN K’NEX Roller Coasters!

The Amazon links are affiliate. If you use them you’re helping to support this blog. Thank you for that!

I am part of K’NEX Brand Ambassador program and all opinions are my own. 

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