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I am finally getting rid of all baby clothes. P’Diddy is four and I’ve kept them long enough. Boy is this a chore! My first idea was to bring all spring and summer items to consignment since that is what they were taking now. I drove a good distance to the shop that I thought was the biggest and best. I quickly learned that big doesn’t necessarily mean the best. I had an AWFUL experience and I regret all the work and time I spent into this.

About a week later I get an email from Kindermint ~ an online consignment store. Wow what a fabulous idea I thought. I can ship clothes for FREE and they will pay me money or credit for my items. Easy Peasy!


Today I’m going to share how I was a buyer on Kindermint. I shopped for used clothes that other people had sent in. I was impressed that only the top brands were available and I quickly loaded up my cart to spend approx $50. Didn’t I get a lot? 9 items!

I was even more impressed when my clothing arrived. Each article was indiviually wrapped and was pressed and folded nicely. I laid it all out to get a good look at my stash and grinned. P’Diddy was going to be stylin’!




Most of the clothing I picked out was from Gymboree. You know my love for them! Check out that shark t-shirt? It opens up to show what the shark ate! Sooooo cute! It was $3.49! And that wasn’t even my cheapest item. My least expensive was the long sleeve motorcyle shirt for $2.99.

All used clothing is priced at up to 90% off retail prices, and remember it’s all named branded designer outfits. Bargain City!


Shop Kindermint from size 12mos – 8. And try out the consignment part too!

I think you’re going to like it there. 🙂

I received store credit to help with my review. All opinions are my own.

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