Keeping Your Home Secure with Master Lock Giveaway

I know many people who keep the extra house key under the welcome mat or plant. I’ve even seen those fake rocks you can stick a key in. While those may be okay ideas, there is a better one!

The Master Lock Mounted Key Box.


When we moved into our house a couple of years ago, this lock was already in place on our railing. We have come to depend on it and use it constantly!

Stick up to five keys inside and set a combination that everyone in your family can remember. My kids think it’s fun to come home from school and find that I forgot to unlock the door for them. They head over to the lock box and get out a key. So nice!

There are other reasons when the key box comes in handy…

Company that is staying over.

Trusted repairmen coming to fix something or cleaning staff.

Kids don’t have to carry a key with them to school so they can’t lose it!

Neighbors watching your house when you are vacation.

A dog sitter taking care of your pets.

You don’t have to give any of these people a key. It’s right there securely waiting for them always.

There is a shutter door that covers the numbers. It protects from weather, dirt, and grime, but I like it because it helps blend in the lock box and doesn’t make it as noticeable to people coming by.


Visit for all your Security Needs!

WIN the Wall Mounted Key Storage Box! (at Amazon for $18.49 with great reviews!)

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  • This would be awesome! No more hiding the key in secret places around the house (and potentially forgetting where I put it)!
  • I'd love one so that in the event I'm locked out I can trust my kids won't have taken my emergency key. =)
  • this would be awesome to have. won't have to worry about which neighbor or friend has a key to my house.
  • I think it's a great thing to have for any home. I think at some point, we have all had situations where we couldn't find a key or something. I like this!
  • Yes this box would come in very handy for my family to use.. like the security of it.. and I love Master Lock
  • This will be perfect for us, especially since we have kids and it will make it easy for them to enter the house without having to carry around(and perhaps lose) a key
  • Yes, it would be great. My sister doesn't have keys to my house, but she needs to stop by on occasion and check on my elderly father, so it would be great if she could just pop on this and grab a key.
  • Now this sounds like something a girl would need when she finds that new perfect house in Florida! Realtors from our listing office did their walk-through today and were super impressed with the house. Keep your fingers crossed for me that that will translate into a quick sell!
  • Moreaya has locked me out of the house TWICE - with NO PHONE, no extra key! Luckily, Sophia has been able to unlock it both times and let me in. We need this! ;)
  • This would be great for my kids so they don't have to carry a key around to possibly lose. Thanks!
  • Dh would be able to go to sleep on the nights our ds comes over here to wait until his gf gets out of work at 2am! LOL Although dh says he doesn't feel right going to sleep since he is here - he wants to stay up and visit with him.
  • My 2 older kids are 16 and 17. They are coming and going constantly! I can't tell you how many keys I've had made for them! This would save me money!!! lol Luckily my little one is only 5! She will have a key soon enough!
  • I could use this. We rent and know the owners are out of state so I can't call them to let me in.
  • Yes, this would be nice to store a spare key. Sometimes our neighbor looks after our pet so it would be a nice option for them to get in the house.
  • This would be a great benefit to me- I am always misplacing keys, and I cannot tell you how many times I have locked myself out and had to wait hours until someone else came home!
  • Yes this would come in handy for me.I have to hide a key to my home for when my grown kids come and I'm not home.I'm always scared that someone else might find it.
  • you wouldn't believe where we keep our key. I guess I can't tell you b/c this is the internet lol. I think it's better than under the mat or a fake rock... but this MasterLock box would still be a huge improvement :)
  • Yes this would be so good I loose my keys all time. Plus it would be good when we are gone for someone to be able to get in and water plants check on things.
  • I would love one for our vacation home. It seems like my husband is always forgetting the key or we loan it to someone else and then don't get the key back when we want it. This way we could just put it in a keybox on the deck.
  • I do like this idea, I would have to put it in the back somewhere and hide it. I wouldn’t feel comfortable having it just out in the open in the front.
  • A key box would be very helpful. I agree with one of the other commenters, in that I would put it somewhere in the backyard, not front. Thank you for the great giveaway!
  • This would be great to have, we have 2 dogs so we always have to give someone a key, so this would make it easier
  • Oh I really could use this! Last winter, I locked myself out in our backyard....the door knob jammed and stayed locked....I was barefoot and there was snow on the ground. Our backyard is a large privacy fence with padlocked gates due to the pool. The lock was I could not get out of the fence to the front to open the garage door....I had to out in the snow and throw snowballs at my sons bedroom window to wake him to let me in. MY feet were froze! UGH...was horrible! I would love to have one of these!
  • This would definitely come in handy, especially for my daughter in law, she is always locking herself out of the house.
  • My sister lives in Montana and we have all decided that my 90 year old Mom (!) would be happier living there too (especially because the retirement home she has been living in has changed management and is going down hill fast!) So of course, Honey-Hubby and me will be traveling back and forth to Montana A LOT -and be out of town a lot - I think this might come in really handy!!!
  • I have all adult children now and some come over without their keys to my home. This would come in handy.
  • This would be great to have when we are out of town so that friends or family could keep an eye on our house!

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