Items You Need on Campus


Most of the time I’m pretty happy my college days are over. I don’t miss the classes, studying, partying or loudness of it all. When I walked into an At Home store the other day, it made we want to go back! For a few minutes anyway. Check out this pretty in pink display! Love it. At Home carries all the items you need on campus this year.

Items You Need on Campus At Home Stores

When I visit the At Home store I usually browse all the aisles so I don’t miss anything. It’s such a great store, with terrific prices, to spruce up your house with a little decor while also making you more organized. Here is what I found this trip as I was thinking what college bound students will need.

Items You Need on Campus

Items You Need on Campus

A lamp and shade. Pick from solids to fun prints! A little lighting can make any room bright and cherry or dark and cozy.

Food storage. Glass containers galore at At Home! All shapes and sizes to keep those leftovers in or bring along in your backpack for a bite to eat during the day.

Storage. I choose a cute tin bucket for pens and pencils, but baskets, boxes and any type of storage you need can be found.

That Rug! Couldn’t pass it up. Adds cheeriness to any room and super comfy under your feet.

You’ll also find a TON of awesome prints to decorate the wall, furniture to make your apartment or dorm room livable, kitchen gadgets for cooking, pet supplies for your animals and so much more!

Items You Need on Campus

At Home as put together a Move-In Checklist to give you ideas and help you get started.

What items you need on campus will you grab first?

I partnered with At Home Stores and BSM Media for this sponsored post. All opinions my own.

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