Is it Time for the Pool yet?

PoolWe were taking a walk through our county park the other day. It has fabulous, shaded paths that are great for a family stroll. The park also contains a water park and I already knew what the kids were going to start asking when they saw the empty water slides. Is it time for the pool yet?

It is definitely time to take off those pool covers if you are lucky enough to have one in your backyard. At least here in the south it is with our high 70 degree days this week. Our neighbors had an inground pool when I was a kid and I remember that was a very exciting spring day. The Day the Cover Came Off.

It will be interesting to see how P’Diddy does with the water this year. My kids don’t have easy excess to a pool so we go to the beach more than anything. Lucky us, though it has put a hindrance on my children’s ability to swim. They are far behind their peers when it comes to skill. I think I’ll start P’Diddy this year with lessons right away. Age three is a good time for that don’t you think?

Yes it is definitely time for the pool. We are ready!

Do you have a pool nearby? Are you ready?

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