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I have stated many times what a huge Hallmark fan I am. I worked in a store twice in my life and can’t say enough good things. Whenever I see a new Hallmark movie come on tv. I have to watch. I have to cry. I have to be happy!


SpiritClips is a new streaming channel that will let you watch Hallmark Hall of Fame movies and other family friendly movies anytime, anywhere. You’ll find handpicked Hollywood feature films from MGM, Miramax, Sony Pictures and more including The Black Stallion, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, Little Women, Lawrence of Arabia to name a few.

We are a huge streaming family and so this good news for us! We watch movies and shows through our Roku, phones, tablets and even the computer. You can watch your subscription of SpiritClips on any of these devices and right online too!

spiritclips jasmine

What is unqiue about SpiritClips is their original shorts, series and documentaries. These may be only a few minutes long and boy are they sweet! The first actual SpiritClip we watched was called JasmineA true story about a broken greyhound who wouldn’t let anyone touch her after being abandoned, but ended up being the caregiveer to other animals who needed nurturing at the shelter she lived.

Well of course I teared up! This Clip was a little over 3 minutes long and was animated. A perfect little story for the kids that showed compassion. My boys loved it and the best part was that they wanted to watch more Clips, so they continued to search and watch the awesome short stories they found.

The SpiritClip originals are Dove Foundation certified and will never contain: R rating, Excessive violence, language, or nudity, Irreverence, Political agendas and Divisive social issues.

Now this is the way a family should watch tv together! Can’t wait to see the Christmas movies. 🙂

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I partnered with SpiritClips for this post. All opinions are my own.

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