Why I’m Proud to be a Tom’s of Maine Blogger

As a participant of the Tom’s of Maine Goodness Circle, I’ve received compensation for my time and product samples for review purposes. Opinions are my own. 

My family started to become crunchy about ten or eleven years ago. Our quest for a new way to live started when Hubby began chiropractic school. Makes sense right? We were headed down a natural path and at first even I resisted. I hung out with a bunch of student wives who had their first baby like I did. They were breastfeeding, anti-vax, frugal moms. Wow did I learn from them! This was a new way of life.

One of the first things we did, and the one of the easiest, was get rid of the toxic chemicals. Out went the conventional cleaners. Next up was personal health care. The anti-persiperant in our deodorant and the fluoride in our toothpaste needed to go. In those days Google and Amazon weren’t my go-to sources. I bought everything from Walmart and Target. Did such products exist in stores? Yes! Tom’s of Maine does.


They have a whole line of products. From the more ‘conventional’ types (though they ALWAYS use high quality standards and never use artificial colors, flavors, fragrances, preservatives or animal testing!) to the crunchy that my family uses. Toothpaste that is SLS & Fluoride free? Yes! Deodorant without aluminum in yummy smelly scents? Yes! For crunchy kids too? Yes! And in a store I shop in weekly at a price that is affordable? Yes and Yes!

Do you see why I’m happy to be partnered with Tom’s of Maine?

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For the first time ever Tom’s of Maine created a Goodness Circle of a group of 12 influential women. I am proud to be a part of that for the rest of the year. I’ll be blogging, sharing ideas with the company, and I’ll even host a Twitter Party that I’ll be sure to tell you about in advance because I know you love those!

 Do you use Tom of Maine products now? Which ones?! 🙂

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