I’ll try not to make you jealous with my Fresh Produce review!


It was a rare moment. A new outfit arrived at my door. An outfit for ME!

A simple dress from Fresh Produce called the Sunshine Dress. Of course I needed it in the Sunrise color! Buying new clothes is something I do not do very often. I wear the same clothes over and over and it can get quite boring. When I do buy clothes, it is the basics. Jeans, khakis, socks, you know. Never a dress!

This loose fitting, empire waist, ruffle edged, dress was what I needed to feel pretty on Easter. Now I just need to splurge on a haircut and some highlights…maybe a manicure and pedicure?

Even though I’m not a fancy girl, I could have worn this all day. It was so comfy and light. I think I need many more just like it!

It comes in over 28 solid colors to stock up on or in my printed Augustine pattern that I love.


Island clothes is the other thing this mama wears! The other day, I was out of town with a bunch of friends who don’t live on the coast, and one of them turns to me and says, ‘you look just like a BeachBum!’ in my carpris and flip flops. I told her that was a compliment!

I would never dress any other way which is why Fresh Produce is the perfect fit!

Do you know what the best part of being a Beach Mama is? Yes, I can go to the beach any time I want and believe me I do not take this for granted! We are actually headed there tomorrow as my boys are on spring break and it’s a great place to meet up with friends.

I do not have a beach cover-up, but this one is definitely first on my list! Tooo cute!!

Am I making you jealous with all of my beachy talk? 🙂


I received this dress from Fresh Produce for review and all opinions are my own.

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