Ideas to Keep Kids Moving in School


Last week I chatted about Colorado’s No More 24 initiative and today I want to keep the conversation going with ideas to keep kids moving in school. It’s hard to believe that Colorado ranks 24th in the country for physical activity with our youth, but we can pledge to make a difference and help our community become more aware.

My ideas stem from the fact that I don’t like our children sitting at their desks all day. It’s like us sitting in front of our computers at work. It’s not healthy and we need to keep moving when possible.

Ideas to Keep Kids Moving in School

Ideas to Keep Kids Moving in School

Bike or walk to school. If you live close enough you are lucky. I wish everyday we did. Our bus stop is a nice little walk and I extend it further whenever I can.

Morning and afternoon class stretches. Just like a workout, we stretch before and after. 5 minutes before class begins can really start the day off right.

Snack time is also Move time. Kids can eat standing up or be able to move around the room a bit during this time.

Do a little jig. After a long work assignment or test it is time to get the kinks out and move, dance or wiggle around. Playing music will make it even more fun and get the smiles going.

Take the long route to specials. Is Art right across the hall? Circle around the school to make the walk last longer.

Class outside. I remember that awesome feeling when we could go outside to learn under a tree.

More recess time or PE classes may be needed at your school. Share your concerns. Talking with a teacher or principal, and even getting involved with PTA or PTO at your school is a start in getting everyone brainstorming on how to keep the kids up and more active through out the day.


What ideas do you have to keep kids moving in school?

Are you in? Childhood obesity ends with you.

Join me in signing the pledge No More 24 to end childhood obesity at


This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of LiveWell Colorado . The opinions and text are all mine.

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