I need to clean! My mom is coming! How do we balance it all?

I get this question fairly often ~ how do I balance it all? Three kids, the house, and the blog. Plus some of you probably don’t know but I also have two very part time jobs I do from home!

I had a BeachBum ask me this yesterday and then she went on to add ~ Are you SuperMom?

NO I am not!

I have a confession to make and I am embaressed to tell you, but it is that my house is a MESS!

That is how I balance it all ~ by ignoring the piles that continues to grow daily.

My mom is coming to visit at the end of next week so you know what that means. She’ll be looking around with a critical eye. But part of me is glad for this eye because it gives me a reason to get my butt moving and get organized!

Here is what I have going on…

Laundry…I’m actually pretty good about this. I keep it up. Now once it’s clean it may not get folded or put in drawers for a week…or two…

Dishes…I try to keep up…but it just does not happen until there are no more spoons left in the drawer.

Toys…most of the time I don’t even try to keep up…

Clothes…summer shorts & sandals need to come out to a permanent space and winter items stored away

Boxes…I have “stuff” that I put in boxes when I want to get it out of the way but don’t really have a place for it. I’m starting to have too many boxes…


HELP! Motivate me! Get me organized! I don’t want to start a schedule but maybe I need to?

Are you SuperMom? How do you balance it all?


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  • Focus on one thing at a time. Looking at everything can be overwhelming so start by focusing on one area, put on imaginary blinders to the rest and tackle what's right in front of you.
  • I say put on some music and an apron and get to it! I bring a basket with me to every room - if something doesn't belong in that room, it goes in the basket. When I get to each room, I put away all the stragglers. Nothing like company coming to give you motivation!
  • I often find myself in the same boat... plus it can be hard to get stuff done with kids around 'helping'. lol I read on another blog yesterday a good tip (that I'd heard before but had forgotten) - set a timer for 15 minutes and just do a quick burst of cleaning. As much as you can manage in that time. Do longer if you're able, but even at only 15 minutes you might be surprised at what you can accomplish. Maybe two 15 minute bursts a day until your Mom comes next week will be enough to get at least the crucial stuff done? :) I'm getting ready to do a burst myself right now... wish me luck!
  • When I am in a crunch. I use the fly ladies advice and set my oven timer for 15 mins, them clean one area for 15 min. When the time goes off, I set it again and move to another area ( even if my first area not done) I do this for 45 min, then take a 15 min brake and figue out what jobs I want to do in the next 45 min. I am amazed how much I can get done.
  • I think there is a difference between messy and dirty. I find my house is often very messy during the day - it's tough to keep up with toys and toddlers and why keep picking them up when they will on the floor again in moments. But I do try to keep the house clean - nothing sticky on the floor, crumbs off the table, etc. But I'm not always successful. Do tell, what other jobs do you have?
    • I do after school daycare and am an assistant for a golf director at a nearby golf course :) You are right about messy and dirty and I have to say my dirty periods have gone on longer than I want them to lately. It's embaressing...even to myself. (let me know if you get this reply in your email :)
  • It makes me feel better about my own life to know we are all human and none of us are perfect, despite our tries! :)
    • Courtney, Cleaning was NEVER your favorite thing to do!! LOL I'm coming to see YOU and Brandon & my grandbabies-----NOT the house! AND you know I'll help when I get there........ My secret was MUSIC!!! and I'd work my way through the mess which you & your brothers(and dad)created! Can't wait to SEE YOU!!! LOVE YOU ALL, MOM
  • NOT super mom but... have you checked out She has good strategies for getting going, reducing clutter and cleaning! That is one place I got the chores list from. She has another strategy where she tells you to take a clothes basket, go thru the house and throw away 28 items. Not sure why that is the magic number but... it helps! :) I have hard time with finding 28 things to throw away but I have done it once or twice and you really feel like you got a little more space by doing so! :)
  • For a start, try to declutter! The less stuff you have, the more space you have to store the stuff you actually want to keep! Be as brutal as you can, think 'Will I miss this if I throw it away/donate it/sell it?' Break it down into manageable chunks and create a plan of action! Music definitely helps! ;) I read a book once that said to start with the sides (counters/shelves etc) grab all the stuff dump it somewhere (a bed?) and sort through it...trash stuff, put stuff back on the shelf neatly and so on. Then move onto the floor; do the same thing, dump stuff on the bed, sort through and organize everything that way. You can always grab some carrier bags and separate stuff into those (stuff to go in drawer a, stuff to go in the garage etc) then if you get time, clear out closets etc and empty the carrier bags of stuff into them neatly. Fortunately (or unfortunately??) I moved to America unplanned, so all I brought with me were clothes and some odd bits and pieces...fortunately I haven't collected much more junk since I've been here, so my apartment is remarkably clean (now that DD starting to crawl motivated me to clear up the living room/dining room!!!)....well, apart from the kitchen....Oh and the storage room--I mean DD's bedroom! Okay no, my apartment isn't really clean...but I can see carpet nowadays! Yay!

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