Crunchy Mama

I am not a Perfectly Crunchy Mama

My family doesn’t take meds, visit M.Ds, or vax.

Almost never.

I believe ALL babies should be cloth diapered at home.

It’s easy, cute, & saves the earth.

I think little ones need to be breastfed even though it’s hard hard hard.

Yes, Yes, Yes!


The other day I got criticized for my 1 Minute Scrambled Egg because I cook in a microwave.

I got in trouble for taking my family to the circus to see animals perform tricks.

I will chat about unhealthy chocolate every chance I get because I’m addicted.


This blog is not about a Perfectly Crunchy Mama…just little ole Me.

PS. I have friends who take daily meds, don’t cloth diaper or breastfeed, but eat a lot more healthy than I do. We all balance each other out, don’t you agree?



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  • Yes!! I definitely don't eat very healthy (though I'm working on it), and while I cloth diaper and breastfeed, my daughter is vaxed on far. I *am* becoming more and more interested in herbs and essential oils, and I'm planning on a natural birth this time around. But I still get nervous around women who, in my mind, are crunchier than me. I totally took a healthier lunch to the GCDC because I wanted to look good. ;)
  • Well said. I have to admit that when I read the scrambled egg thing, I also thought "well, that isn't very crunchy", but quickly forgot about it as I reheated some canned soup for lunch. :) I'm definitely not perfectly crunchy, but I'm slowly making the changes that are important to me. I breastfeed, had natural birth...hopefully next one will be home birth, immunized our first child, but not our second. It's a slow process since there is so much to learn and after I'm convinced it's the right choice to make, I then have to convince my hubby too. Oh and I love that Jeniffer took a healthier lunch to GCDC, I would have done the same thing if we had been able to go.
  • Everyone has their own way of living. As long as it's not immoral, I think we are allowed some flexibility in our lives. While I do breastfeed, cloth diaper at home, and have had a few natural child births (in hospitals), I have also been known to use bleach, vaccinate (most of them anyway), and {gasp} heat things in plastic containers in the microwave. Courtney, even though we don't do things 100% the same, I still enjoy your posts and appreciate your hard work. Keep up the great job and I hope all of us will learn to appreciate each other's differences.
    • P.S. Here's just one link of many talking about the benefits of chocolate.
  • I breastfed my first, adopted my second. I grow most of our summer vegetables. I also took my children to the circus and I love dark chocolate. I think life would be boring if we were all the same.
  • I'm only about 10% crunchy - but that's better than none. I'm cloth diapering my grandson when he's at my house(I keep him while my daughter goes to school/works), we raise our own beef, and recycle. I also shop at my local Health Food Store. The crunchy momas are making so many changes that 20 years ago would have just been plain weird, so keep doing it!!! You are going the extra mile for your family and they are worth it.
  • if we were all au naturel we'd still be living in caves. we are much more aware than in the recent past. ANYthing we can do to make this orb a better place is better than nothing at all. some sacrafices are worth more to some than others. you keep on keeping on mama!
  • FWIW, the egg in a mug recipe isn't "beachy" either, LOL. When I describe a car, I might say "small red car"....that doesn't imply that the "small" part is most important! You are a mama, first, foremost. I do not expect every single thing you post to be "crunchy" nor "beachy". I commented on your facebook post about this egg recipe that I LOVE that my son can take a small step towards independence with this recipe. Thanks for keeping it real!
  • Amen.... we all do the best we can in the ways that fit our lifestyles. If someone doesn't eat, cook, drive, shop, live the exact same way we do it's OKAY!!! :) A nice post/reminder!!
  • People who criticize other have skeletons in their own closets. When are people going to "get" that green and healthy living is not a competition, and we shouldn't be trying to "one up" each other? It's about our children, and about our planet, not about who vaxes and who doesn't. I get really, really tired of seeing people "poo-pooing" and outting down others who don't follow each other like SHEEPLE. This is why I don't follow the crowd. I educate MYSELF with scientific fact, experience from people I trust, not rumors from some barely known website, before I make decisions about how I am going to take care of my family. So if it makes me the "black sheep" that ran away from the herd, so be it. Maybe I know a few more things than they do. :)
  • I like you. I'm not here because I want to read about any ole crunchy mama blog, however "pure"... I'm here because I like you as a person and like reading your blog. Keep your chin up and keep being you.
  • It frustrates me that others would feel like they get to criticize you. Your decisions are yours. Even if those things bother you, you can't possibly fix everything at once. It's not that hard to suggest healthier living by chronicling the things you're changing without being critical of someone else. Thank you for making so many great choices that help you have a healthy family and help take care of the earth. I appreciate every effort you make. And I support your right to eat chocolate and go to the circus! Stopping by from SITS.
  • I'm striving for a healthier, more fit, and more green lifestyle. I don't have it down and I am still a large woman with a lot of weight to lose. What's important is the effort, not what I have or haven't accomplished. I believe the same applies to anyone. Much as we try to be perfect about a certain ideal, lifestyle, habit, choice, etc we just can't. Sometimes convenience or a special chocolate craving trumps our beliefs. It's normal. We're human. Keep on being you and tell the haters to stick a pineapple somewhere. LOL Stopping by from SITS!
  • I've learned that perfect motherhood is just a myth. My mom did bunches of good things for me, but she also let me eat chocolate, which a lot of people would criticise her for. I don't. I have a happy life, and I'm not overprotected like some of my friends. Your kids will love you as you are (although sometimes it might not feel that way). Visiting via SITS Sharefest :)
  • My best friend is decidedly not crunchy but she cooks every meal from scratch and they definitely eat better than we do. I definitely agree, there needs to be balance! LMAO at criticism for using the microwave. People are cray.

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