I am not a Perfectly Crunchy Mama

My family doesn’t take meds, visit M.Ds, or vax.

Almost never.

I believe ALL babies should be cloth diapered at home.

It’s easy, cute, & saves the earth.

I think little ones need to be breastfed even though it’s hard hard hard.

Yes, Yes, Yes!


The other day I got criticized for my 1 Minute Scrambled Egg because I cook in a microwave.

I got in trouble for taking my family to the circus to see animals perform tricks.

I will chat about unhealthy chocolate every chance I get because I’m addicted.


This blog is not about a Perfectly Crunchy Mama…just little ole Me.

PS. I have friends who take daily meds, don’t cloth diaper or breastfeed, but eat a lot more healthy than I do. We all balance each other out, don’t you agree?


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