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When I was contacted by NeoCell to review their products on their blog, I knew that Hubby would love them! He is a chiropractor, who is active in sports and exercise, and so I let him take over…

neocellpowderBeing a Doctor, athlete, and health nut I have tried a lot of products in my life that have claimed to do a lot good things for the body. Over time I have become more educated and therefore pickier in what I take. I have narrowed down to just a few things; a multi-vitamin, fish oil with vitamin D, a B-complex, and protein powder supplement. I recently was asked to try a couple products from NeoCell and when I looked at their list of products I was excited to test their Collagen Sport- Ultimate recovery complex and Super Powder Collagen +C.

In my practice I have a lot of patients who complain of sore and weak joints and in need of a way to repair the support mechanism around the spine and joints. The NeoCell Super Collagen Powder supplement contains 6,600 mg of collagen which is vital to repair and maintenance of the ligaments and tendons supporting the spine, knees, shoulders, and other major joints in the body. An added benefit to collagen is the great effects it has on the skin, hair, and nails. Increased collagen intake, especially the Bioavailable Type 1 and 3 collagen found in this product gives the body a more youthful structure and feel.

neocellI am an avid crossfitter and weekend warrior. I still play baseball whenever I can. Mix in a little pick up basketball once a week and you have the makings for a lot of sore joints and muscles, and fatigued body. Working out as much as I do causes the muscles and support system around them break down. The muscles need to be refueled and rebuilt along with tendons and ligaments. This is why the protein and collagen in the NeoCell Collagen Sport Ultimate Recovery Complex is vital. I have not run across a lot of protein powders that include 2 types of collagen let alone 1. The french vanilla flavor tasted great and mixed smooth and easily in just water, in fact it was the best mixing powder I have ever used. Often times the supplements I have tried in the past don’t mix completely and remain ¨chunky¨.

Overall these were the best Protein and Collagen supplements I have used and although I have only been using them for a little over a week I can tell that I am not as sore after a workout or long day in the office.

Do your body a favor and check out these great products. They are gluten, sugar, and lactose free and have no artificial ingredients.  NeoCell does things right.


I think Hubby did great! Did you learn something?


Win NeoCell Collagen Sport and Super Collagen Powder! (ARV $30)

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