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How Would You Spend the Day?

Mother’s Day is around the corner and I’m teaming up with Picture Keeper to see how moms would spend the day if they won an extra $250. What would you do?

When I was in high school I took a cake class with one of my friends. I remember I was awful at the decorating part and haven’t touched many cakes since. Lately though I’ve been really into the baking competition shows and it makes me want to make more sweet treats in the kitchen.

I now make bread every week (with the help of a break maker!), let my family choose their homemade birthday dessert (layered chocolate cake & cheesecake so far this year), and I try to have an extra snack that I can use in school lunches or after dinner snacks. Lately I’ve made lemon bars, cookies, and cupcakes to have on hand. My family doesn’t know what to do with all these homemade desserts lately!

If I had an extra $250 that I had to spend on myself I would take a baking class. ohhhhh this sounds like so much fun just thinking about it! My boys always laughs at me because my creations never turn out like they should. Have you seen that show Nailed It where the bakers have to recreate what something looks like and it turns out so ugly? Well that is usually me! A class would give me some tips with some real life instructors since TV people are hard to learn from. ha!

Of course I always take a picture of my food!

Isn’t it awful when you are getting ready to take a pic and your phone storage is FULL? ugh! Now just slip in the Picture Keeper Connect and automatically store them off your phone and free up space. It’s small and takes up no room if you want to bring it along or keep it in a drawer. No internet required to use it which is great! When you’re ready, upload the Picture Keeper Connect to your computer or wherever you keep all your photos in their final resting spot.

What would you do with $250 and a Me Day?

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Mother’s Day Giveaway 2018

This is a sponsored post and giveaway run by Picture Keeper. Ends on May 9, 2018.



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  • I would spend the day and do fun things with our grandson. The Picture Keeper would be really handy! I should take a baking class also. My intentions are good but sometimes the end result looks like a Pinterest fail lol!
  • I would spend the day in Traverse City with my daughter. We live in northern Michigan, and TC is about an hour away. I'd take my daughter to lunch, and shop along the water. We'd have a beautiful day! <3
  • I will spend the day hiking with my daughter and husband, hit a brewery in the afternoon and then go for an evening bike ride!
  • I love you pictures of food. The cake has a little lopsidedness which to me is so much more real than those perfect food pics we see online so much. That cake is how most of our cakes would look and it's a beauty by the way. Looks delish! Anyhow with $250 extra, I would take my grandson to the park and my kids out to dinner. That sounds like an amazing mom's day to me. :)
  • I would spend the day giving gifts to our first-ever grandbaby, and taking oh-so-many pictures!
  • This is so awesome! I'd love to go on a date with my husband! We rarely do things without our kids. As a matter of fact, just a month or so ago, we took our first overnight getaway by ourselves in 13 years! Once we had kids, we have just always taken them along.
  • I know I probably wouldn't spend it on myself! LOL I'd probably buy some fabric to sew clothes for my daughter! I discovered custom printed fabrics and it's become a new addiction - but it's not cheap! Although I'd make sure we ate out somewhere nice too. BTW is there really only one entry option? Or is it not loading right?!
  • I'd love to travel 9 hours to see my out at Outback Steakhouse....may put some $$ towards quilt fabric!
  • I would spend part of the day with some hiking while taking pictures, and then catch up on some reading and watching DVDs I haven't had time to watch. All while in my comfy den chair with my favorite hot coffee and chocolates...if only! *LOL* Thank you!!
  • This would be such a blessing to win! Your cupcakes & chocolate cake look yummy and make me want some. Thank you for the chance ☺
  • I keep forgetting to answer the question. For a me day I'd go to a movie. This picture keeper is exactly what I need. I have so many pics on my phone. I lost all my pictures on my old phone. I was so upset. I want to take a knitting class.
  • I would take all my 4 daughters and 2 grandchildren out to do something fun. Ive been stuck in the house with a fractured vertebra and havent been able to go out anywhere. Feeling a little better. Time to get out of the house
  • If I had an extra... I use the term loosely... $250 to spend on anything I want I would take my family out to dinner. I have 3 grown children and a 5 yr old granddaughter. Dinner out has, in recent years, become a luxury for me and There is no greater pleasure for me than spending time with the people I love most in the world.

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