How Would You Spend the Day?


Mother’s Day is around the corner and I’m teaming up with Picture Keeper to see how moms would spend the day if they won an extra $250. What would you do?

When I was in high school I took a cake class with one of my friends. I remember I was awful at the decorating part and haven’t touched many cakes since. Lately though I’ve been really into the baking competition shows and it makes me want to make more sweet treats in the kitchen.

I now make bread every week (with the help of a break maker!), let my family choose their homemade birthday dessert (layered chocolate cake & cheesecake so far this year), and I try to have an extra snack that I can use in school lunches or after dinner snacks. Lately I’ve made lemon bars, cookies, and cupcakes to have on hand. My family doesn’t know what to do with all these homemade desserts lately!

If I had an extra $250 that I had to spend on myself I would take a baking class. ohhhhh this sounds like so much fun just thinking about it! My boys always laughs at me because my creations never turn out like they should. Have you seen that show Nailed It where the bakers have to recreate what something looks like and it turns out so ugly? Well that is usually me! A class would give me some tips with some real life instructors since TV people are hard to learn from. ha!

Of course I always take a picture of my food!

Isn’t it awful when you are getting ready to take a pic and your phone storage is FULL? ugh! Now just slip in the Picture Keeper Connect and automatically store them off your phone and free up space. It’s small and takes up no room if you want to bring it along or keep it in a drawer. No internet required to use it which is great! When you’re ready, upload the Picture Keeper Connect to your computer or wherever you keep all your photos in their final resting spot.

What would you do with $250 and a Me Day?

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