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How to Walk 10,000 Steps in a Day!

My mouth dropped open when I googled how far 10,000 steps a day was. I didn’t expect it to be 5 miles!

I’ve been wearing my pedometer for a week now. The first day I wore it, I still did not make it to 10,00 steps ~ and that was with a mile walk! I quickly realized that I need to beef up my movement.

The next day, I didn’t have time to fit a walk in and I made it over 10,000. Here are some ideas Hubby and I came up to keep me moving!

Don’t Stand AroundI know it sounds dumb to start with this one, but it’s true! I would find myself standing in place waiting for a kid to get done with something, like tying his shoe, and realized that I could pace the room while I waited.

Are you in the kitchen chopping vegetables? March in place while you slice and dice.

Chatting on the phone? Walk and Talk.

Take the Stairs More Often. Usually when I’m cleaning house, I leave things on the stairs that need to go up. Now, instead of collecting a pile, I take each piece up as I find them.

If you are out and have the choice of the elevator or stairs…well you know the answer to this.

Park farther away. Are you one of those people that circles the lot until they can find the closest spot? Well no more! Park in the back of the lot. It’s nice to be away from other cars anyway.

Also, don’t leave your cart in the lot, but take it all the way back to the store.

Have fun! We went for a family hike this week. How much fun it is to walk trails? Very education for the boys and great exercise for us all. We ran into a huge alligator! Now how is that for fun?!

Even going to the mall or Target to window shop can be fun. You don’t even know you’re getting your steps in as you dream about everything you want to buy.

Ask for motivation. When I tell the boys what I’m doing, they want to do it with me. I don’t want to disappoint them at the end of the day, so they will make sure I get my steps in. Move mom, move!

Buy new shoes. Everything is better in new shoes. My new fitness shoes from Shoebuy are definitely stylish and makes me want to get outside and get walking. The support is awesome and something I needed so I’d stop complaining my feet hurt. Very important when you are walking 10,000 steps a day!

Got out my pink shirt to accent my shoes, grabbed my music, and off we go! No excuses now.

Invest in a PedometerThe Omron Fitness pedometer is so cool. It is very sophisticated and counts strides. It knows when I’m not walking. Throughout the day I can look to see where I am and pat myself on the back for how well I’ve done. If I’m short by late afternoon, around the block I go.

I’m able to upload my info online. Set goals. See calories burned. You really should get one!

Get off the Computer. I told hubby that someone needs to invent a holder for my laptop so I can walk and type at the same time. ha! As I sit here in my chair, writing this post, I realize I’ve been down for too long. I need to go find something else to do!


I’m proud to say I made my goal of 70,000 steps last week! It helped me lose 3 lbs on the scale. 🙂

Do you have any other ideas to add to the list? Do you think you walk enough steps in a day?



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  • I pace my house ALL.THE.TIME now. My husband doesn't love it because it makes him nervous, but he is just dealing with it! I am still working on getting to 10K steps each day, but I am at least 1/2 way there!! Keep up the great work!!
  • You are doing great! Yeah, 10,000 steps takes a while for sure. I love the trails...nothing exciting on ours though....alligators!?! Yikes!
  • There is some sort of desk that is tied in with a treadmill. Maybe you need to find one to review. ;) I usually do park far from the store door and near a cart return. (I pick up my cart at the cart return so I can sanitize it with the wipes in our car.) It is easier to find my car, load and unload my kids, and then pack the car after shopping. I do like the idea of walking the cart back into the store, but that would only work when I am without my kiddos. Thanks for sharing your post.
  • These are great suggestions to make as part of the overall health regime for life. We live by some of these things and always have. These are often things I suggest to my patients as well. Nice job. You do rock!
  • I am curious now. I need to strap on my pedometer again - I don't think I've ever worn it a whole DAY - I usually just do it for actual exercising. That alligator - YIKES!!! Can it like come attack you or is there a moat or fence??? scary!!
  • Great tips. I wear a pedometer every day but my average daily steps, without any extra effort, is about 6000 to 7000 a day. I've been wanting to increase to 10,000 but haven't made a commitment yet. Thanks for the motivation. Visiting from SITS.
  • Congratulations on your weight loss and finding ways to reach your step goals! That is awesome! I made my own walking desk out of things I had around the house, so when I'm blogging or working on the computer, I can keep walking!
  • I find making a game of it all can help. Sometimes i'll tell myself to walk two times across the living room path before and then do the thing I was going to do. i love your idea of walking place while doing a task, that could work really well for dishwashing. Sometimes using my imagination whether or not there are kids around (my grandchild doesn't live with me)but let myself think like i did as a kid, making up scenarios like i'm in a favorite childrens book, and such. It's o.k. to play pretend, no matter how we old we are, and can give rise to ideas for playing with the grandchild.

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