How to Stay Motivated #ShakleeBlogger


Motivation is an inner drive to behave or act in a certain manner. Sometimes our inner drives needs a little push don’t you think?

Making myself exercise and eating what I should everyday takes strength. Here are a few things that help me move forward with doing the right thing.

Write down or Print Out Goals. In my notebook I log my weight. On my computer I have my Before pictures. I know exactly where I’m trying to go and when I have to stand on the scale or take more pictures and it hasn’t changed from my notes, then I am disappointed. I don’t want to be disappointed ever.

Do you know what Hubby does? He prints out pictures of his goals. Caribbean Vacation, Money, Fit Men, etc. and tapes it where he can see it often. He can then visualize where he wants to be.

Reward. I am all about this one. If I had a good day I find a piece of chocolate. ha! Does that sound like me? I’m honest with myself and if my day did not go as planned then I don’t eat it.

Or if I really ‘need’ something then I’ll set a weight Goal and buy it for myself as a treat when I hit it.

Clothes. The other day I needed a new pair of jeans and there was a buy one get one sale. Instead of buying two of the same size I bought a size smaller. A size I haven’t been in, in years! I do not want my money to go to waste and I will get in those jeans!

I also have a cute sundress hanging up in my closet right where I can see it daily. I want to wear it and feel good about what I look like in it.

Have a Buddy. It helps so much to have a supporter by your side! Meet a friend for walks. Find someone who will check in with you and keep you accountable.

Hubby is my buddy and I’ve even started going to Crossfit class with him because it gets me up and out the door and I can’t chicken out.

I hope that helped give you some ideas! Please feel free to add to the list on what Motivates you!

I lost 3.5 pounds in April on the Shaklee program! YAY! 4 more months to go!


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