How LifeLock Can Protect You {1 Year Subscription Giveaway}

Identity theft. I have to admit it is something I don’t think about that much.

When I say that out loud I think that sounds dumb because I see ‘theft’ happening all around me…emails being hacked, online accounts being pried open, and even charges appearing on my credit card that I have no clue how they got there. These are all classified as identity theft.

I will say that I am weird about putting out my trash and recycling only on the morning it will be picked up. I don’t want anyone going through it in the night. Who knows what they could find?

LifeLock is a service that stops any kind of threat before it happens.

It was very easy to sign up for a year membership. I answered some personal questions about accounts, credit cards, insurance, phone numbers, and addresses that I use. LifeLock will now monitor my accounts and instantly get a hold of me if anything fishy happens.

If I ever lose any of my cards – heaven forbid this mama would ever do that – LifeLock helps me cancel and reorder, which will save me tons of time!

They have also submitted a request to stop pre-approved credit card offers from coming in the mail. How cool is that?

Lots of great features that I would have never thought about.

Check out their Ultimate account that gives you access to a your credit report whenever you want, plus will notify you if a new account is being opened. I think this is an awesome service and will be talking to Hubby about upgrading.

You can also add your children for a very minor fee.  Since children don’t have credit, they make ideal targets because it would be years before you probably noticed something was amiss. Scary!


LifeLock has helped millions. Can it help you?

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  • As a massage therapist, I have lots of different clients who will tell you everything about their lives when you have an hour or more to chat with nowhere to go while you are working. One of my favorite clients is a retired lawyer. Very recently he told me about how someone stole his identity when he signed up for paperless statements with Citibank where he had his credit card. Even as a lawyer, who knew exactly what to do, it was a nightmare. This is a man who is ultra careful and would be the last person you'd expect to have his identity stolen. He told me in great detail how they would charge small amounts to his credit card at first, then they got into his bank account and paid the charges on his card off. This went on for over 30 days before he got his first statement showing all of the activity on the account, but over $15,000.00 had already been stolen out of his account. The investigation turned up professionals out of Russia, who had tapped into Citibank's system and somehow gotten his information when he signed up for the paperless statements. Bottom line, because it was a credit card, there are laws in place that helped him get his money back quickly (these laws do not apply to debit cards, which he advises never to use), but the main problem is still making sure his identity is not compromised as all the damage may not have been discovered yet. So yeah - long story I know, but I'd like to win this!
  • It is something I worry about! I have had a bank account/debit card hacked in the past...they made a 'dummy' atm card, somehow accessed my pin number, and used it in Florida to clean all the money out of the account at an ATM. I live in Ohio, and even though I could not have possibly made it to Florida and back in the time it took to clear out my account, the bank still would not give me my money back. I closed that account and refuse to do business with that bank anymore.
  • I've thought about it especially since dh is the only one with good credit! Mine was shot to heck when I divorced my 1st husband over 12 years ago and I still haven't been able to get it back in good standing!
  • I had internet ID theft many years ago b4 there were protective was international so there was nothing that could be done except that VISA stopped the charges and reimbursed me the thousands of dollars. I came so close to losing everything...better safe than sorry!
  • Identity Theft is always a worry in the back of my mind. Earlier this year someone somehow hacked my husband's debit card and made a couple purchases on the other side of the country. Luckily we caught it very quickly and our bank was really good about helping take care of it. But, we never really found out who or how it was stolen. It's pretty scary that it's so easy for thieves to get.
  • I studied media psychology and I think about these types of things a lot. It is kind of scary what some people will post on social networking sites.
  • I had not thought much about it until my husband's ex-wife stole his identity and used his name and ss# on the I think about it a lot.
  • I think it is getting more and more dangerous to not have some kind of protection ardy22 at earthlink dot net
  • We have friends that have had their identity stolen many times...not sure how we've dodged that bullet so far.

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