How do you Cherish Everyday? #cherishchildhood

I had a hard time starting this post today because there have been so many moments lately that I have cherished.

At first I was going to share the evening last week that we spent with my dad who we only see a few times of year. We played mini golf and the 3yr old was the only one to get 2 holes in one. We couldn’t stop laughing over it!


Or I could share our beach day we had on Labor Day where sand castles were made, boogie boards were swam on, and lots of seashells were collected to add to our overwhelming stash.


Even this morning I had a new cherished moment. Our bible story was about Creation and Hubby and I took P’Diddy on a walk to enjoy God’s earth. I wish you could have heard some of our convos. Priceless.


Sometimes I wish time would stop. Or at least move a little slower. I would love to have a moment like this each and everyday. A moment where I can relax and sit and enjoy my children and all they have to offer.

Remember my quote last week? “We teach our children all about life, our children teach us what life is all about.”

As we head into the busy back-to-school season, Gymboree will be celebrating and sharing cherished moments in childhood. They’ve put out this beautiful video that I want to share with you.

What do you think? Is it time To Play? 🙂

Follow the #cherishchildhood hashtag on Twitter. Share too!

I would love to hear about one of your Cherished Moments.


I wrote this post for Gymboree who sent me a promotional item as a thank you.


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  • My favorite cherished moments are with the grandkids. When they see me, they run to me screaming "gramma, gramma, gramma!" from that moment on, I'm a kid again and we play whatever they want as long as they want. love those kids to pieces!

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