Staying a Night in Myrtle Beach

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Looooove apps that save me time and money. HotelTonight is one of those and if you have any Summer adventures planned you are going to want to check it out…especially when I give you a code to save even more!

We love Myrtle Beach. It is the city that moved us from the Midwest to the coast and I couldn’t be more thankful. It is a huge tourist place and we felt like we were on vacation the entire year we lived there. It was awesome! We go back for a day every few months to get away since we are still in driving distance. We don’t usually spend the night, but sometimes we do decide to stay at the last minute, and now I have an app that is going to find an available hotel instantly for me with drastic price cuts.

I’m happy to introduce the HotelTonight app.

Hotel Tonight App

An app that brings up hotels that have space for that night. You can book multiple days in your room, but you can’t book the room until the same day. Last minute space means last minute deals.

Does not planning ahead scare you a bit? Just think of it as an adventure! You might end up in a fancy hotel with views like this…


We stayed at the Marina In at Grande Dunes in Myrtle Beach. It was a brand new hotel when we lived in there and we always oooohed and ahhhhed from the road, never really thinking we could afford to stay here. Guess again! All the rooms face the Intercoastal Waterway.

It has 2 pools…the outdoor infinity pool we had to ourselves for a bit that morning!


Luxury. Thanks HotelTonight for finding us an awesome hotel…the memories of that night will last a long time!

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