Hiney Lineys Cloth Diapers



To start off our package we need the most important part ~ the cloth diaper!

I am excited to introduce Hiney Lineys which is a very versatile diaper. You won’t find one like it anywhere!

What makes it so unique? You have options!


At first the diaper seems a little daunting. It comes with three parts. You may use all three or just one or two. Here let me explain better!

Part 1 ~ The shell is named the Versa Cover. Order in side snaps or hook & loop. Place a prefold inside and you are in good to go! That was easy huh?

Part 2 ~ A liney which is made of one layer of stay dry suedecloth bound in soft fold over elastic. Snap this over your prefold for a dryer fit. See picture on right.

Or Part 3 ~ All-in-Liney which is comprised of 3 layers of absorbent Zorb (no prefold needed) topped with a stay dry suedecloth layer. In simpler terms ~ an AI2. See picture below.



This diaper is PERFECT for the person who likes a variety of diapers. I know I do! I used to be an AIO mama, but in the past few months I’ve become a cover/prefold girl. This diaper does it ALL! A hybrid diaper I like to call it. Easily switch the inside out and keep the shell until it gets soiled.



We tested out the All-in-Liney with its super soft inserts.

My favorite features are how light the cover is and how trim the diaper looks. I think one of the reasons it is so slimming is because of the side snaps. I don’t have very many diapers like that, but I definitely think there is less bulk!

He loves showing us his belly button!

The Hiney Liney fits around his little thighs perfectly with the snap on top and on bottom. We’ve had no issue with leaks and it holds a lot!

I can be adjusted for the smaller guys, but there is still lots of room to grow for P’Diddy too!


Starting August 17th you’ll have a chance to win your very own Hiney Lineys.

Win a Versa Cover, a Liney, and an Insert!


Thanks Sheila at Hiney Lineys! 🙂

I received this diaper for review and all opinions are my own.

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