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Hubby laughs at me when we are getting ready to go on a hike. Do you really need all that stuff, he asks? Yes! When there is five people and a dog I need stuff. He has to carry it since he has a decent bag to use. Not anymore! I now have a special backpack built just for my hikes from ShoeBuy.com. You will be amazed at all the awesome hiking gear they carry and today I’m going to share my new High Sierra Wahoo pack.


I didn’t want anything big or heavy. While Hubby tells me I have too much stuff, I really don’t have a ton for a couple hours of leisure hiking. Let me share with you this ‘small’ backpack and its great features…

2-liter hydration system that fits right inside and insulated hose to prevent water from freezing in tube. I’m going to admit to you that I am not a fan of these because I like my cold water bottles, but Hubby is a fan and I see people drinking from them all the time. I definitely see the point and do think the idea is great!

AIRFLOW™ back panel to help channel moisture. You don’t want your back to get sweaty!

Lightweight shoulder straps with adjustable sternum strap, plus side compression straps with webbing keepers to stabilize loads. I REALLY like the straps and the side straps are super important because it evens out the weight. Nothing feels as heavy!

Waist belt with dual zippered pockets provides quick and easy access to essentials. Do you know what I use this for? My phone and dog treats. I want to be able to grab them both without having to take the whole backpack off. Love these pockets.

Lots of little surprises when you look close too. Extra pockets, elastic loops, organizer with key fob, reflective tags. And it’s all BPA-free and antimicrobial.


It fits my frame well {short and round}, but Hubby can easily wear it too {tall and lean} so the straps are great at adjusting to fit anyone. While I do love all the features my favorite thing about the High Sierra Wahoo is how lightweight and comfy it is. It works for me and my afternoon hiking sprees.

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High Sierra Wahoo Backpack

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I received these products to help write my post. All opinions are my own. 

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