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You’ve heard me mumble and grumble about making dinner. It’s not just the actual making of the meal – it’s the PLANNING that takes so much time. I spend a lot of time on Google, Pinterest and trying to find new recipes that my family will eat, but not anymore. I am signed up with PlateJoy, a healthy meal planning service who will do it all for me.

PlateJoy Healthy Meal Planning

Healthy Meal Planning

Personalize. Your meals are customized for you. They take small children into account with portion sizes. You can let them know if you don’t eat red meat or are gluten free (and many many other options!). You can even take out ingredients you don’t want in your meals, like tofu or shellfish or mushrooms or whatever. Tell them what kind of milk you use (almond for us) and if you eat brown or white rice. How much time do you leave to cook each evening? These are all questions you’ll answer to help determine your plan.

Discover. How many meals do you want at a time? I usually pick 3 days worth of meals and then add a few of our old favorites in the week. They don’t just have dinner, but breakfast, lunch and snack/dessert too! Once you see your menu queue, feel free to swap out a recipe if it isn’t your favorite. You can always add more and change things up through out the week.

Enjoy. This is always a hard word for me when it comes to cooking, but since PlateJoy is so user friendly, I am enjoying new dishes with easy instructions. The grocery shopping is more enjoyable too because all ingredients are laid out for you in list form in the Digital Pantry. Check them off online, print out, or access on your mobile what you need that week.

PlateJoy Healthy Meal Planning

I am on the kid-friendly plan, but this doesn’t mean pizza and mac and cheese. Each meal is truly healthy and I love giving my kids new options, even though I do hate the complaining. Bit by bit you will see them eat more and more.

For dinner last night we ate Black Pepper Chicken Stir-Fry with Green Beans and Rice. It was served with an Orange Julius Shake which was a surprise to my boys because who knew their mom could make a famous orange julius?

Tomorrow night it’s Turkey Bacon and Apple Mac and Cheese with Spring Salad and Creamy Chocolate Avocado Pudding for dessert. And no I won’t tell them there is avocado in there!

 Take the Lifestyle Quiz at and see what meals they plan for you.

Subscriptions come in 6 and 12 month packages starting at $8/month.

Use code: CBMAMA for $10 off.

PlateJoy Healthy Meal Planning

Is your family in need of healthy meal planning?

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I partnered with PlateJoy for this post. All opinions my own. 

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