Healthy Ideas for School Snacks

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Every night before I go to bed I pack the boy’s lunch for the next day. I mentioned earlier this week that it is not my favorite chore deciding what each child will make sure to eat. I also have to add Snack to my list, as each morning they eat a healthy snack in their classroom.

Trying to find something new and different each week is a challenge I give myself throughout the year! Especially since I don’t want anything I have to keep cold or hot. I need EASY, that they can just grab out of their bag fast.

Healthy Snacks for School

Here are some of our favorite ideas.

Pretzels. Buy different shapes to mix it up. We really like the Thins in the variety of flavors!

Popcorn. We’ve made it beforehand and bought prepackaged from Trader Joes who has a few different ones. Puffed corn snacks like Pirate Booty work awesome too. Change up the seasonings!

Crackers. There are SO many different types of crackers that you can never get bored!

Dried Fruits & Nuts. There are many kinds of dried fruits – raisins, strips, fruit snacks, freeze dried, etc. I also buy just plain cashews or peanuts. Toss them together (even add a few chocolate chips or M&Ms) and voila a good snack!

Bars. My pantry is always stocked with Bars. Next week my kids will be heading back to school with Odwalla Kid Bars!


Odwalla Kid Bars coming in three flavors ~ Strawberry Scone, Banana Dunk and Chocolate Chip Kick.

Each bar contains 11 to 12 organic whole grains. That’s about 25% of the daily amount needed.

They are also a great source of fiber and calcium which my boys need since they don’t drink cow’s milk.

With chunks of chocolate, strawberries, and bananas, the bars are very kid friendly. Nutrition and Goodness. They will be a perfect School Snack this year!


Visit for lots of yummy snack options for the whole family!



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