Healthy Choice Organic Ingredient Meals


Lunch is quiet for me these days with the kids back in school. I’m busy getting things accomplished around the house and lunch isn’t something I usually plan. Easy and healthy is my goal as I open up the fridge and ponder what I want. This week I’m testing out Healthy Choice Organic Ingredient Simply Café Steamers made with USDA-certified organic ingredients.

Out of the freezer and into the microwave for four minutes. Can’t beat that for a quick prep!

Healthy Choice Organic Ingredient Meals

Healthy Choice Organic Meals

All the meals are developed by chefs and I love the different ethnic flavors. Since my favorite type of food is Mexican, I had to start with the Unwrapped Burrito Bowl.

Organic black and pinto beans, fire roasted corn, red bell peppers and scallions with organic whole grain brown rice in a tomatillo sauce.

Healthy Choice Organic Meals

The bowls you cook them in are very unique. The main ingredients sit on the top and the sauce is in another bowl nestled beneath. They are vented to allow the steam to come through to cook. Pour and mix together when they are done heating and voila your meal is ready. It looks gourmet, right?

Here is Sweet & Spicy Asian-Style Noodle Bowl: Udon noodles, organic edamame and carrots, celery, red bell pepper and scallions in a spicy soy sauce. If you like a bit of spice, then you are in for a treat!

Healthy Choice Organic Meals

Also try Three Cheese Tortellini and Creamy Spinach & Tomato Linguini. Nothing artificial ever. I usually pair with a side of fruit and am content, until my afternoon snack that is. ha!

Isn’t it nice to eat real non-GMO food that helps fuel our bodies?

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