Healthy Breakfast Cookie


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Does your family get the recommended vitamins each day? We do try! Not only do we make sure that we are getting the right supplements, but I also incorporate the right foods. Sometimes I have to be a little sneaky to do that…like calling something a cookie. hee hee.

Breakfast during school days is very important! When the boys start eating at 6:20am, I want to make sure they have enough energy until lunch. There is a lot going on during the school morning and I want them to be at their best. I’ve started to make these ‘cookies’ that are filled with goodness…fruits!

Healthy Breakfast Cookie

My Healthy Breakfast Cookies are made with bananas as the base. Ever eat a cookie like that? Also inside is applesauce and dried fruits. Combined with oats these are surely a treat!

The boys aren’t the only ones who need to start their day off with a strong start. Hubby goes off to Crossfit first thing and I always need a morning boost to start me off on the right foot. What do we pair our breakfast with? Vitmains! Always.


This week I headed to Walgreens to grab the boys some new vitamins since we are about out of them. Walgreens Way to Well Commitment goes on through the end of the year and 1¢ from the purchase of every Walgreens Brand Health & Wellness product will support bringing preventative wellness services to local communities. Cool!

Also, all the Well at Walgreens products are Buy 1 Get 50% off. You can easily tell which products these are by their wellness logo. See, you can stay healthy at a great value! The best part for me is that they have the children’s multivitamin in gummy. This is VERY important at our house, believe me. Almost like candy. I told you disguise works best for my kids! P’Diddy would eat multiple throughout the day if I let him…especially these dino shaped ones.


Use your Walgreens Balance Rewards card (or really you don’t need a card…just your phone number!) and earn your 50% off. You’ll find a variety of vitamins and supplements for the whole family. Medicine and Personal Care products too! I can’t get rid of P’Diddy’s cough. It has gone on for weeks now and is all in his chest. We’re trying some chest congestion next…cross your fingers we don’t need to take the next step to the doctor. I need my sleep at night which I’m not getting by being up with him!

Healthy Breakfast Cookie

3 mashed bananas – hope you like bananas!

2c oats

1/3c applesauce

1/4 almond milk

1/2 cup Dried Orange Cranberries (mine are from Trader Joes. You can subsitute for raisins or any dried fruit!)

1t cinnamon

1t vanilla

Mix together and plop onto cookie sheet. They won’t change their form much.

Bake at 350 for 15 minutes or so.

Serve them warm or we like them cold out of the fridge.

Healthy Breakfast Cookie


Here is P’Diddy with his one of his favorite breakfasts and definitely his favorite candy…I mean dino vitamin! 🙂


How does your family start their morning? Does everyone take a vitamin?

Try my Healthy Breakfast Cookie!

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