Have a Smooth Goodnight with Cloud B’s Tranquil Turtle

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Bedtime has become such a project in our house. It seems to go on and on until I’m tired just from the amount of effort it takes to put an almost three year old to bed.

It usually starts with a chase around the house when I announce it is time to go upstairs and get ready for bed. A game to see how long he can wiggle around so I can’t take off his clothes. A fight to sit on the potty again. Then come the books. The same books over and over when I push so hard to get a little variety. I try my hardest to limit to two until the whines start for more. I will sum up the final steps as rock, cover, water, nightlight, but it doesn’t go very fast. In fact, it dragggggs out forever!

I can not wait for Christmas morning when P’Diddy opens the Tranquil Turtle from Cloud B. See that word Tranquil? I hope it puts some into our night!

I have been eyeing this turtle for a long time. He looks so cuddly! Plus he fits right in around here with our love for sea animals. We are all going to want him in our room.

He has many fun features including…

  • projects a magical underwater light effect (sooo neat!)
  • shell glows (for a night light!)
  • plays two soothing sounds: tranquil melody and ocean waves (he will love it!)
  • comes in aqua and purple

I’m determined for our nights to go smoother with the help of our new turtle. Can’t wait to see his effects on P’Diddy!

Tranquil Turtle is available on Amazon for $38.48 and many other retailers.

Do you have a smooth bedtime routine?


I received this turtle for review and all opinions are my own.


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