Happy Earth Day! Our Composting Experiment #EverydayEffect


C’man has been experimenting this past month with composting. Awhile back we obtained a Compost Container from Educational Insights and it’s been sitting in our closet just waiting to be played with. This was the month we got it out and for 30 days we’ve been watching and documenting our observations.

In fact we have a video to show you of our project…

After this project we have learned to never ever throw away styrofoam or plastic ~ always recycle ~ it doesn’t decompose at all! Can you imagine all that trash just sitting in our Earth?

Our banana peel was super fast and our piece of paper was just a week or two later. This was using direct sunlight and making sure the soil was always moist.

We had sooooo much fun with this project and can’t wait to really start composting our stuff.


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Do you compost? Have any tips for newbies like us?

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