Halloween Costumes at Kohl’s! Argh!


Did you know that Kohl’s carries Halloween costumes? This is a new fact for me, but I am very happy to hear it because Kohl’s is the closest store to my house and really I do not like those scary Halloween stores. They creep me out!

What is even better is that Kohls.com has tooooons to choose from too! Something for the whole family ~ and the pets!

Can I show you what P’Diddy is going to be this year?


Argh! He is super excited to talk pirate.  Really though it’s the sword and eye patch that he can’t stop talking about.


I just love this pirate look. The vest is attached to the ragged shirt and check out those pants? Cut just right for a matey at high sea. Even the patches are there.

The bandanna and skull sash at the waist are the perfect blend to scare away those enemies. Don’t cross this pirate!


One child down and two to go. Though I tell C’Man at age 11 that he is done and no more trick-or-treating.

Any opinions on that? 🙂

Kohls Halloween

Visit Kohls.com and you will find an online exclusive sale right now for 15% off all Halloween costumes AND decor.

Use code: GHOSTLY15 til October 16th.

What is your family going to be for Halloween?

We received this costume from Kohl’s to share on this post for you. All opinions are my own.

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