GoGreen Cloth Diaper



Can’t wait to show off GoGreen Cloth Diaper!

When new cloth diaper mamas ask me to recommend a good inexpensive diaper, I always say GoGreen!

With diapers starting at $8.99 you can’t go wrong!


We have an older style GoGreen from over a year ago and we still wear it all the time!

Today, Leah, the mama of GoGreen, wanted me to show off her Elite Diaper called The Champ 2.0

GoGreen Cloth Diaper

GoGreen Cloth Diaper

Soooo many great features!

Dual Gussets Technology ~ this is my favorite feature on ANY diaper and not enough have it! Keeping ‘it’ all contained is what a diaper is all about and the leg gussets are a big part of that!

Duel Pocket Openings ~allow inserts to self-agitate out during the wash cycle. No having to touch the yucky insert!

4 snap-down rise settings ~ to provide true birth (7 lb) to potty (40+ lb) fit  AND two rows of waist snaps allow waist and leg openings to be adjusted independently. I love diapers that will fit toddlers! And to start at birth is absolutely fantastic!

This diaper really does have it all! It is definitely one I grab first!!


P’ Diddy thinks it is nice and comfy too!

Be sure to visit GoGreen Diapers and see ALL the diapers they carry in the cute, fun, bright colors and prints!


I received this item for review and all opinions are my own.

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