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I just posted this morning on the importance of UV protection for your eyes. I probably don’t have to tell you that it is important on your skin too!

We will later chat about UV clothing that works great, but that is not always an option and doesn’t always cover the whole body. I usually keep a container of sunscreen in my bag for those outings where I know we will be out in the sun for a long period of time. I definitely make sure that the bottle is chemical-free.

This year I’ll be sporting Goddess Garden All Natural Sunscreen. It has the highest certified organic content available. It is reef-safe (protect our ocean!) and biodegradable. Also, gluten-free, cruelty free, vegan & non-GMO but please don’t eat it! Made in the USA which is what we like to see.

A neat fact that made me research more is that Goddess Garden does not absorb into the skin. How can that be I thought?

Goddess Garden does not use nano-particles since all of the minerals we use in our Sunscreens are larger than 100 nm (nanometers). EWG “reviewed 16 peer-reviewed studies on skin absorption, nearly all showing no absorption of small-scale zinc and titanium sunscreen ingredients through healthy skin.”

All Goddess Garden sunscreens are rated 1 or 2 by the EWG which is recommended.


Our family is using the Organic Continuous Spray bottle in Body and Kid formulas. I loooooove spray. While I do still have to get my hands lotion-y from spreading around the lotion/mist after it comes out, it is a much faster and easier application.

I felt good knowing that my children were getting protected by UVA/UVB rays by one of the most natural sunscreens on the market. I wouldn’t have it any other way!

Do you know what’s in your sunscreen?

Visit Goddess Garden to view your summer options.

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WIN a Goddess Garden Sunscreen of choice! (RV $21.99)

Choose from Body, Kids, Baby

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  • I just heard on the News that The Wal Mart sun screen is real good! I love a tan but I'd rather not have skin Cancer when I am older.
  • I bought a UV Skinz swimsuit for my daughter last year. It was so nice to have her covered and not need to apply as much sun block.
  • We've been looking for good non-chemical sunscreens and have tried a couple that are okay but not terrific. We'll have to add this one to the list!
  • my son was at pool in friends house and of course he didnt used any cream protection...was wondering what can we do now...i am sure from now on he will remember used sun screen;-)
  • I have two daughters, one blonde the other red hair, they both tend to burn easily especially my red head . I am always applying sunscreen but I never thought their eyes could burn. I am definitely going to make sure they wear sunglasses and watch them carefully.Thanks!
  • I won't put anything but organic sunscreen on my kids - heavens knows whats in all those other products
  • We slather ourselves and our grandkids with sunscreen whenever we go out! We spend alot of time at the beach with them. We always have them wear their sunglasses too!
  • would love to try these sunscreens on my kid! I always make sure they are well protected but It would be even better if I could do it with something that is Natural and Organic!
  • Driveway re-done today. Second to last step before the house goes up for sale. Might need that sunscreen soon - Florida beach time could be close!
  • I wish that the knowledge about the dangers of sun exposure were known when I was younger. I was a little sun goddess for many years. All I can do is protect myself now though.
  • I have been a big believer in sunscreen for years, including wearing it everyday on my face, neck and hands.
  • i would love to try this brand. i def need some for my daughter this summer bc she loves to be outsde
  • Living in SoCal means sunscreen is part of our daily routine. Know people fighting melanoma and don't want to be in that position.
  • I am a huge fan of using sunscreen and I like that this one is all natural. I also think it's important to wear good quality sunglasses to protect your eyes when out in the sun.
  • I'm very very very very very very very fair. Can't describe how fair I really am. Almost see though, so I rely heavily on sunscreen throughout the year and would love to try this one to see if it works better than what I normally use. To find something natural and better for my skin would be amazing.
  • The thing about uv damage is that you don't see it until its too late! You need SPF every time you go outside!!
  • I'm obsessed with sunscreen! I am forever applying it to my grandchildren because it's so important they not get sun burned.
  • It's so scary these days - w everything you have to worry about. I have used this sunscreen before, a little bit tough to spread - but maybe they've improved the formula since then.
  • I'm always looking for safer, more natural sunscreen and personal care items... nice to know Goddess Garden is out there!
  • I found out the hard way about eyesw getting burned when I had a son years ago who spent all day at the water park and got glare burn and had to go to doctor and get medication and treatment, now he and the rest of us wear ultraviolet sunglassess as much as possible..
  • ok your eyes post just freaked me out. this is why we always wear hats! pasty white is the new tan! :)
  • What I'd like to see is a shampoo that provided UV protection for your scalp! My scalp always gets burned and then it peels and I look like I have dandruff! Putting sunscreen in my hair/on my scalp is out because I'd never get it out! :-)
  • We normally use Badger sunscreen. My kids may look like they're covered in white paint, but they're safe!!!
  • We are all about lathering on the sunscreen. We need to work harder on remembering sun glasses for the kids
  • I keep an abundance of really good sunscreen around to smear on my grandchildren when they go out to play. I have yet to try Goddess Garden, it sounds like it is really good.
  • After reading your post on eyes and sun damage, I immediately looked into getting good sunglasses for my kids!
  • I would love to try this product i am always trying to keep my kids safe they all burn in the sun instead of tanning so i try to keep them from going threw the pain of a sunburn and to protect their skin....thanks
  • our family always uses sunscreen and I always wear a sunscreen moisturizer under my makeup or just alone, even in the winter
  • im always looking for more natural approach especially if im putting it on my skin ..would love to try this
  • I've never tried natural sunscreen in spray form before. And I prefer spray sunscreen. I've heard about this brand and it's something I'd love to try (natural spray sunscreen without the chemicals yay!)
  • I agree, good sunscreen is very important. I always try to use natural products on my children's skin, and this sounds like a great product.
  • Courtney, do you have a sunscreen that you like for kids with sensitive skin? My daughter's face seems to have kept its sensitivity from last summer. Thanks.
  • my dad had skin cancer and I am as light as he is-a year ago I had my own scare with a precancerous lesion which was removed, so I know how important it is to have sunscreen!
  • I want this!! I have known nano particles were bad so I've always tried to get sunscreens without. I love the spray bottle versions!!
  • I saw a post on FB about the different UV protection of natural oils. Carrot was highest--imagine rubbing that all over and being orange! hehehe
  • I use quite a bit of sunscreen. I would love to try this product, as I'm using more and more organic products. I also try to stay pretty covered up, hat, long pants, full shoes, long shirt, as I overdid sun when younger. but that still leaves a lot to cover. anyone reading this post, women get more cancer on their calves than anywhere, so when wearing capris, don't forget the sunscreen there!
  • I am always putting sunscreen on the kids when they go out and when swimming.I carry sunscreen in my bag wherever we go.
  • I'd love to give this stuff a try. WE've discovered our girl is allergic to something...maybe sunscreen... so the more natural the better! (Darn rashes anyway :-( )
  • I'd like to get a natural sunscreen on my daughter when she goes outside - I don't like all the chemicals in the regular ones
  • I always feel better using natural or organic products that don't have the dangerous chemicals. We put sunscreen on most days.
  • I have burned way too many times not to keep my son covered better during the summer months. Would love to try this one on him. Thanks for the giveaway!
  • I know I should wear a good sunscreen but I never seem to remember. As I become older I get more and more age spots and tags and even they don't remind me to put on the sun screen.
  • I try to be careful with sun exposure since my mom has had a couple of skin cancer lesions removed and I got my fair skin from her.
  • My daughter and I have very sensitive skin, so we use organic/all natural sunscreen. We've used Badger before and it's great!
  • Wow, I didn't know your eyes could burn! I have really sensitive eyes and always wear sunglasses, even in the rain and on overcast the comments from people asking me "where is the sunshine!"
  • I turn into a lobster very quickly without sunscreen, my grandfather has been battling recurring melanoma so I am very serious about sun protection and do my best to spread the word about doing everything we can to safely and effectively prevent sun damage!
  • I'd like to try something more natural than the usual sunscreen. & now that my husband & I are getting older, we have to be more disciplined w/ applying sunscreen
  • sometimes people don't realize how important it is to keep their chest protected, but more people get sun poison from burning their chest than anywhere else

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