Goals to Keep Kids Healthy

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When the new year rolls around you always hear of that pesky word ‘resolutions’. We think about what we want to work on to better ourselves. I like the word ‘goals’ better. You can use this word in every aspect of your life. I recently sat down with the boys and asked them what their Goals were for 2017. This was kind of fun!

Goals to Keep Kids Healthy

C’Man said he wants to get an A in Spanish which he said would take a miracle. ha! I said no it will take hard work.

O’Bear is already thinking about baseball even though the season hasn’t started yet. He wants to make the All Star team again.

P’Diddy and I talked about a few things and at age 7, but overall he wants to work on paying attention and be a better listener in class (and I added home!).

Goals to Keep Kids Healthy

I asked them what Health Goals they had too. Here is what we came up with:

Try new foods with a good attitude. Did you like how I added the attitude in there? I do not like whines.

Play outside every day. Ideas included walking the dog, playing ball, riding bikes and heading down to the park.

Go on more family hikes. There are no excuses!

Take daily showers and brush teeth often. This is for my teenage boys!

Remember to take vitamins. We are big probiotic believers at our house to keep our guts and digestive health in line. They love the kids probiotic Align Jr. chewables! They come in adult too!

Goals to Keep Kids Healthy

It’s hard to always think about getting the right foods in daily, especially with the kids. Not to mention their everyday stresses and changes in routine. A vitamin that tastes good is almost like having a piece of candy for them and something they actually look forward to with their breakfast.* Digestion health is a priority to keep their bodies functioning properly. Having digestive harmony is definitely a goal for all of us.

You can try Align Jr., the #1 Doctor and Gastroenterologist-recommended probiotic brand‡, too – grab a $5 off coupon.

ǂ Among gastroenterologists and doctors who recommended a brand of probiotic in an AlphaImpactRx 2016 Survey.

Goals to Keep Kids Healthy

What goals to keep kids healthy does your family have?

Check out Align Jr. probiotics for kids!

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