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UPDATED to add: There is usually a Facebook class going on once or twice a month. Check out my Essential Oil post category to see my most recent posts! 🙂 Click here to learn more about How to Buy from Young Living. And always feel free to Facebook Friend me – an account just for my oily-interested friends to chat and ask questions.

Have you heard all this crazy talk about essential oils and how they can take over your medicine cabinet, save you from doctor’s visits, and really have mind blowing results. yep, I have.  One day I was invited by a close friend to really hear firsthand the stories. All the info was done over Facebook, so I carved the hour out of my night and was ready to be amazed and learn.

Lucky you, there is another hour coming up! Tomorrow in fact, Monday April 28th at 8:30pm EST. Learn about Young Living Essential Oils.

Young Living Essential Oils

Let me tell you what we’ve been using our Young Living oils for over the last month…

My afternoon headeaches have been soothed with Peppermint.

Hubby’s knee pain has been lessened with Panaway.

Our itching bug bites? Dried up with Purification.

When I feel a cold coming on Thieves to the rescue.

Peace & Calming and Stress Away blends take my troubles away (for awhile anyway! ha!).

Lavender? I use for EVERYTHIING! Scraps, bumps, bruises, fevers, and oh so much more.


I’m trying to gage how much interest there is with my readers. Let me know! I could go far with this – weekly posts, classes, DIYs remedies, Facebook groups, etc. I would love for us all to learn together!

And this one hour Facebook information event is exactly how I started learning so I’m anxious for you to visit and see!

Monday, April 28th at 8:30PM at this link here – info and videos will be posted to learn during the hour! This isn’t ME doing the session, but my friends though I will be there along with you.

I just created a Facebook Friend for my oily friends – this allows me to put you in more Facebook Groups that are sooo awesomely filled with ideas. Plus then we can easily connect for you to ask me questions!

Hope to see you there! 🙂

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