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Getting my butt moving!

Hubby has a new fitness love…it’s called Crossfit and he pushes me to go to the mom’s class that takes place. But I am scared. I can’t get myself to go to a class where I would look like a complete out of shape dork.

Is that dumb?

So he has taken it upon himself to become my trainer. We use different exercise programs to help me get into shape and build muscle. It’s summer time and I not only want to be healthy, but I want to fit into my cute sundresses again.

Yes, that swimsuit too!

One thing that as really help keep me motivated is that we get the kids involved. They think it is fun to exercise besides me. Pretty embarrassing to have your ten year old be able to do the workouts in half the amount of time.

Even baby P’Diddy giggles has he joins in this fun.

I will admit though that part of our schedule is a nightly walk around the neighborhood and that I thoroughly enjoy! The kids walking along side of us, telling us the best part of their days and what they hope tomorrow will bring.

These priceless moments are worth it to get my butt moving.

Are you doing anything this summer to get moving?



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  • I am just walking walking walking! :) It's about all I'm good for these days. But my sis in law is TOTALLY into crossfit and she is SUPER fit... I hate even sitting next to her! LOL :) Have fun with it!
  • how timely. just decided this afternoon that I'm gonna dig my bike out and go for a ride. will probably be short and on a flat surface my first time out this year. my excuse is that I don't have time and that I get enough exercise gardening...who am I kidding!
  • I take my three kiddos for a run/walk three days a week. My 6 year old will run about 1.5 miles total and walk/stroller ride the rest of the way. My 3 year old and 1 year old ride in the jogging stroller but my 3 year old will run with me if my 6 year old needs a break. I am shopping for kids tennis rackets so we can all hit the tennis courts a couple evenings a week too. I like to keep us going and active that way everyone sleeps good at night! :)
  • I'm trying to get into shape too - I'm so embarrassed to be bigger than I've ever been in my life! I too am not comfortable working out in a class where I'm the biggest or most out of shape. I have a goal weight before I can start taking a fitness class - A little backwards there! I sometimes have my husband help with workouts but I prefer to do it alone, or with my trainer: my 2 year old son. I have to say, even easy workouts become challenging when a 30-lb kid is bouncing on your abs the entire time! Crossfit is awesome! I've read a lot about it on some blogs and my husband and I got TOTALLY sucked into watching the championship on TV. The women finalists were damn inspiring!

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