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You want something to keep your family busy AND wear them out a bit? You need Just Dance Kids 2014!

My boys and I spent a good hour or two exploring this brand new video game. We danced and sang and most importantly burned some calories. What a great way to get in fitness indoors.

What is special about this version is that it has songs for the whole family. From Wiggles and Yo Gabba Gabba for the little ones to oldies, but goodies for us adults like Footloose and Hit Me With Your Best Shot. We had soooo much fun checking them all out!

Just Dance Kids Track List

Here are my boys making their moves to the song Fireflies.


See how they can all dance together and the Xbox Kinect registers them? Up to 4 members of the family can ‘compete’ at once. Did you see who won their competition at the end? C’Man did and you should hear O’Bear whine that it’s because his arms are longer and the machine reads it better. ha!

Did you hear them singing? love it.

Another one of our favorite parts of the video game is the Create Your Own Music Video section. They provide the background and music and then it records our own dance routines. We giggled so hard watching our playbacks!

 Just Dance Kids

We just love how kid-friendly this game is, but really it is more than a game. A way for our family to come together to play and exercise and have a good hour of fun. Everyone will be tired with smiles on their faces when you are done.

Sounds like the perfect way to spend time together AND get fit!

 Just Dance

 Just Dance Kids 2014 is available for the Xbox 360 and Nintendo Wii & U.

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Does your family need a new way to shake things up?

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