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Introducing the Geomate Jr – geocaching for kids.

Wikipedia defines Geocaching as an outdoor sporting activity in which the participants use a Global Positioning System (GPS) receiver or mobile device and other navigational techniques to hide and seek containers, called “geocaches” or “caches”, anywhere in the world.


This is a very new concept to me, but when I first heard about it, I thought what a great family activity!


Geomate Jr.

The Geomate.jr comes preloaded with 250,000 geocaches covering all 50 states (or your country.) Just switch on the Geomate.jr, then follow the distance and arrow to the closest Geocache.
Geomate Jr
It’s a scavenger hunt for techys! Or a Pirate Hunt for the kids!


To explain in a few words – turn on the device and follow the arrows until you find treasure! Or, just a container with a logbook and maybe a trinket inside! 🙂


C’Man was super excited to begin! This was right up his alley.

Geomate Jr

One word advice before you begin – make sure you have plenty of TIME! It’s not as quick and easy as it first sounds and our first adventure out, it quickly became dusk without us finding our treasure.


There are different levels to choose from ~ start EASY. Level 1 (out of 5) and choose to find a BIG Box (4 sizes). Boxes range from the size of a pen lid to lunchboxes or larger.

Geomate Jr

When you get to around 20ft of your destination, it is time to start hunting! The Geocache (or Box) is never out in the open, they are always hidden, so look under rocks, trees, under benches, nestle in bushes. The only rule is that they are never buried.


Once it is found, you may be able to mark the spot with your signature or if you’re lucky there may be a small item for you to take, but be sure to leave something in it’s place. ok, mateys?


What is really neat is you can add the Update Kit. It contains the latest Geocaches that are updated Around the World every 24 hours. How cool is that?! You will never run out and can take it traveling with you wherever you go! And can make Custom Caches! Your kids can make their own pirate maps! 🙂


Find at many retailers including Target & Amazon!


Are you ready to WIN a Geomate jr. 
Geomate Jr

Good Luck!

Geomate.jr sent me this product for review. I was not compensated in any way and all opinions are my own. Links may be affiliate.

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