Generic Verses Name Brand Breakdown

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As a first time mother, you will have to figure out the places where you can save money buying generic brands and other times when you need to buy the name brand. While each product will differ slightly based on your baby’s needs and your finances, here are some basic things to remember.

If you aren’t Breastfeeding and buy Baby Formula…

When it comes to baby formula, the name brand formulas typically have better ingredients, particularly when you purchase natural or organic solutions. If you actually cannot afford it, then you must make sure that you read all of the ingredients. While baby formulas are subject to higher restrictions and scrutiny than most other foods that does not mean that all formulas are created equally. You need to make sure that you read the ingredients thoroughly. Watch for fillers, particularly if your baby shows any signs of gluten, corn or soy allergies. Soy is one of the more common fillers in cheap baby formula, and it can cause problems with your baby’s stomach and create symptoms similar to colic.

Try Cloth Diapers first to help save expense or remember…

When it comes to the biggest expense line in your baby budget, baby diapers often take the cake. They can be extremely expensive, particularly if your little one has sensitive skin. Generally, you can use generic brands rather than name brands so long as your baby does not struggle with allergies. However, bear in mind that just because you purchase name brand diapers does not mean that your baby will not have an allergic reaction. According to Baby Center, fewer babies tend to be allergic to generic diapers than they are to name brand diapers. You will want to make sure that you watch your baby closely for any signs of a rash or other similar problems. But speaking generally, this is a good place to cut costs.

You can save a lot of money by opting to buy generic brands rather than name brands. However, that does not mean that purchasing a generic brand is the best choice. In some cases, it’s best to pay the extra money to make sure that your baby gets what he needs as it is with baby formula. However, diapers is a common purchases that you can generally substitute out for generic brands without causing problems for your baby.

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