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It’s Gift Guide time! The holiday decor is in the stores, the lights are starting to go up, and the shops are already bringing in the large crowds. If you’ve been a BeachBum follower for years you know this is my busiest and BEST month of the year! It is filled with Ideas and Giveaways! Click in those links and shop away. These small businesses appreciate it…in all the Gift Guides I’ll feature. Have fun!

Let’s start with Games. Does your family love to play board games? I have many to share with you! My family has been testing out and playing games like crazy. It’s been fun! I even have a hot video game of the season.

Games Galore for the Holidays

The Baby Beluga Game

A cooperative game. Know what that is? Everyone plays together to get to the goal. We either all win or all lose. In this case we are helping Baby Beluga and his Friends get to the Wild and Free without encountering any issues. What I love is that there is different levels of play for different ages so the 3-5 year olds won’t feel left out, but my 8 year old can enhance the game by reading fact cards about whales and taking consequences if the card directs him to do so. It also comes with 32-page guidebook full of sea animal facts.

The board has beautiful illustrated graphics and cute playing pieces. All made in the USA with fair trade practices and sustainable materials.

Do you know the song Baby Beluga by Raffi? I’m singing it in my head right now. This game is based from that song and you can grab a download code inside the box!

Games Galore for the Holidays

Ice Cream Social from

I can’t tell you the amount of times I have played this game since we received it. It’s quick and cute!

Take turns picking up a card and adding it to the ice cream scoops on the table. Whoever makes a cone in the right combo gets the ice cream! Play til all cards are used and count up who has the most.

Everything from Petit Collage is eco-friendly and certified ethically made. Find lots of games, puzzles, books, and crafts. Use code: CrunchyBeachMama for 15% off anything in the store!

Games Galore for the Holidays

Animal Friends from

Do you know the game Guess Who? This is just like it but geared towards the 4-8 year olds. It’s plastic-free and made with bright adorable pictures.

Each player takes turn guessing which animal their opponent is. Do they have glasses? Are they wearing a hat? Eliminate the choices until someone guesses correctly! Both games are made from recycled materials and printed with vegetable inks.

Everything from Petit Collage is eco-friendly and certified ethically made. Find lots of games, puzzles, books, and crafts. Use code: CrunchyBeachMama for 15% off anything in the store!

Games Galore for the Holidays

Rubik’s Race

Another quick and easy for Rubik’s Cube fans!

Shake the scrambler to see the pattern you’ll be trying to make. Both players race to copy it. Who can do it first?

This has become a BATTLE in my house! C’Man and Hubby are super fast and no one wants to play them. ha! P’Diddy wants to play all the time and when he can’t convince the rest of us to play AGAIN he plays by himself with a timer to see how fast he is!

Games Galore for the Holidays


Made by HABA for the older kids ages 10+. It has a lot of pieces and takes more than a few minutes to learn how to play. Then it is not a hard game at all!

Evil Rhujas are roaming the land and they want to capture the gemstones of the Inox, but the Inox have selected the hardest to reach and most dangerous places to hide their gemstones. Take turns using your cards skillfully by placing gemstones in spots that will benefit you. Earn points and bonuses from your choices and whoever has the most points at the end wins!

The board is illustrated beautifully and the tiny gemstones and water droplets you use on the board are unique and fun. I’ve never see a game quite like it!

LEGO DC Super Villains

LEGO DC Super Villains

I have 3 video game playing boys. How is it at your house? All three are into different types of games, but they all love playing LEGO games.

The Justice League has disappeared and havoc is all around. It’s time for YOU, the player to be a villain. Customize your own character and unlock new powers. You will see The Joker, Harley Quinn, Lex Luthor, Deathstroke, Killer Frost, Sinestro, and countless others from the Legion of Doom. They don’t want to be second-best and will battle you for power.

The graphics and voice overs are supposed to be really great! Our copy isn’t here yet, but you know it will be tested out to the max. Buy it on XBox One, Playstation 4 or Nintendo Switch.


Does your family have a favorite board game?

Are games on the Christmas Lists this year?

Games Galore for the Holidays

WIN 4 games! (ARV $135)

The Baby Beluga Game, Rubik’s Race, Iquaza, LEGO DC Super Villains (on platform of choice)

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