Funky Fluff Cloth Diapers are Fun & Funktional!


fun and funktional – love that phrase!

Are you having fun with this event? Have you been reading all of the funky reviews? We are happy to be joining in and can’t wait to share with you why we like funky fluff diapers.

I have to tell you that I’m down to my last couple of cloth diaper posts. I’ll have one more in December, but that may be it. My little guy is not so little anymore and is mostly potty trained. We still wear a diaper at nap, night, and when we go out – mostly because I’m scared of accidents. He is doing wonderful though!

I don’t have a lot of diapers that we can wear – at 30 or so pounds I need them to fit! Some of my favorite diapers are either short around the legs or the rise is way to low. Let me share with you the reasons we really like our funky fluff!

fluffy butt – hee hee!

Choice. I like when things have multiple uses and ideas. I like pockets for nap, but all-in-ones are definitely easiest, right? Love that I can do either which way! I can also snap it in to make it an all-in-two. Very cool.

Stretchy. How many diapers do you have that really don’t stretch? As my guy gets bigger and bigger this is very important to me. This diaper has great stretch – and still comfy around the legs.

Double gussets. I think every diaper should have these and applaud the ones that do! They really help contain everything in.

One size fits all. Truly. Well I haven’t tested it on a newborn, but with four different settings I bet it fits great. I love that it fits my toddler…and is comfy on him. Did I say that already? Big and comfy!

He’s such a pro! I told him I wanted a picture and he just poses and lifts his shirt. ha!

The Funky Fluff diaper has a lot of other bells and whistles that I’m sure you are reading about this week. Hope my favorite features give you a little more to think about when adding the next diaper to your stash!


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What is your favorite feature on a diaper?


I received this diaper for review. All opinions are my own.

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