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Fun Big Boy Birthday Cakes

My son is turning seven this week and we were talking about his boy birthday cakes. He would love for me to go and order a cool cake from a bakery, but since we’re not having a party I informed him that I would make it. Unfortunately for him, I have NO talent in cake decorating. Like zero, zilch. I blame it on my artistic hand that doesn’t exist at all.

I went to the store today to shop the Wilton aisle to get some ideas or at least some neat toppings. I left there feeling like a mommy failure. I want to decorate neat cakes for my kids. Next year my goal is to give each boy the cake that they want in the theme that they choose.

I surfed on google tonight for his favorite subjects. I found some really fun cakes and thought I’d share them with you!

This last couple pics are a double sided cake!

I like one reason our whole family has been into cakes lately is because Cake Boss is our favorite family show. We love watching it together every week!

Do you make fancy cakes for your children? Do you have any fun big boy birthday cake ideas?


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  • I do and here are my 2 facebook albums of some of my work. It really isn't as hard as it looks, it just takes practice. and
  • Oh come on mama! You know you can make a fab cake! P'Diddy's cake was super cute. You need to summon your inner cake maker. Oh and I think I saw your artistic hand the other day on the back porch ;-)
  • yup, my boys always get a fun cake out of me! it's not too hard, just don't go crazy and think you can do a cake boss cake on your first time out! lol start simple and get creative! it's fun!
  • I sent you some e-mails with some idea links that have easy to make cakes as well as some I've made in the past. I am not artistically talented (at all), but I have managed to make some fun cakes for my kiddos. Enjoy and happy birthday to your little one.

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