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A new app is in town. Give a Dam, it is called. It sounds like beavers, but no it is candy!

Made by Chupa Chups, which is a lollipop company founded in Spain in 1958. Their motto is ‘Life Less Serious’ to sit back and relax while enjoying a Chupa Chups.

My kids are a sucker for new apps (pun intended!). They love it when I say Yes you can install a new game. O’Bear was the first to try it out to see what it was all about. I have to say that many times the kids think a new app will be fun, but then they never play it past the first day. O’Bear was looking for my phone again and again to play Give a Dam. It must be FuN!  It was time to teach mom!


To sum up the game in a few words ~ don’t let the Chupa Chups flavors fall over the waterfall. It reminds me a lot of Angry Birds because you are doing one thing that seems simple. Keep characters afloat vs Knocking down blocks. At first I was like, this is way to easy, but of course each level gets harder and harder.

I’ve put some images on the side there so you can see. Each flavor, or character, is a different shape. You use your finger to bring them into the water and set them up so that they won’t fall through the rocks and go over the waterfall.

120 levels to keep the flavors afloat in over a million different ways! It makes you think strategy and I like games like that for the kids. Keeps me interested too!

Download is available for FREE at iTunes. Brand new game ~ just came out a week ago!

Get involved on their Facebook page where there is a forum that allows you to let the developers know how you feel about the game, what you and your kids would like to see in the game, your suggestions and even tips and tricks should you get stuck at any of the  levels! There will also be upcoming quizzes in which you might get you or your kids into a Give A Dam character or other kind of fun treats!

Let me know if you try it out! Have FuN!

Is there an app at your house that both you and the kids like to play?


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