Form-Fit Pillow is Cool and Natural

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The Form-Fit Pillow is the Highest Rated Bed Pillow on Amazon!

Chiro Hubby gets questions all the time about what is the best way to sleep – Stomach, Back or Side. Let me share with you his answers…

Your Back is the best way to sleep. With a pillow under your knees for optimal benefit. This allows for the best and most natural position of the cervical curve.

Your Side is the next best with a nice thicker sized pillow to help keep your head in position. A pillow between your legs is also great to maintain proper low back alignment.

Don’t sleep on Your Stomach. This is not good for your neck when it is rotated that way for long periods.

Form-Fit Pillow

Form-Fit Pillow

Finding a good pillow to accommodate our needs and feel right is always tough. I’m happy to share with you the new Form Fit Pillow! You can find it on Amazon along with a lot of great info…

“Comfortable” pillows like down don’t provide much support, but “supporting” pillows like memory foam aren’t very comfortable. I agree with this! We need an inbetween…but made with what? Are you ready?!

The Form-Fit Pillow is filled with a blend of clean, natural buckwheat hulls and shredded foam.

Form-Fit Pillow

Buckwheat hulls conform to your shape and provide support. They are cool and breathable, naturally anti-microbial, and non-allergenic. The added foam provides added softness and comfort.

What this means is that you shape the pillow any which way you’d like! Fluff it up or squish it down. Or half and half! Plus use the cup it comes with to add more or take out the hulls to your preference. It will never go flat!

The three-layer, quilted cover is made from natural, unbleached cotton muslin.

The Form-Fit Pillow is made in the USA with a 10 Year Warranty attached.

Buy the Form-Fit Pillow on Amazon! Great Reviews!

Form-Fit Pillow

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I received this pillow free for review. Links may be affiliate. All opinions my own.

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