For the Kitchen! Ozeri Green Earth Food Storage & a Beautiful Panasonic Toaster Giveaway

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Yes the title says beautiful. A toaster. Oh just wait. First up is the Ozeri storage containers.

Actually they are called Ozeri Instavac Green Earth Food Storage Containers because they have many eco-friendly features. I think you will love them for many reasons!


If you are like me, then you could never have too many containers in your kitchen. Here is what I look at when buying something new and these definitely fit the bill and more.

BPA-Free. #1 reason. These are also stain resistant and shatter proof. They can go in the freezer, microwave and of course dishwasher. They are tough!

Transparent. I have learned I like to see my food and not have to guess what is inside. Clear containers are a must.

Lids at Fit and Seal well. The Ozeri containers go above and beyond having great lids. This is where the Instavac comes in their name because there is an area on top (a patented valve) you press down with your finger and instant vacuum freshness as the air is forced out. Yes! I don’t have to tell you that food stays fresh much longer.


Now here is where there are a couple new unique features that I think you will like!

Date dial. Turn the dial to the date you put in the fridge/freezer. Never have to guess again how long it has been sitting there.

Wave pattern on bottom. Keeps cut fruit and veggies elevated from their water and juices. Very nice!


This set of 4 is listed on Amazon for only $24.95! They nestle right inside each other which is awesome in your cabinets.

Check them out!


Now like I promised. The beautiful Panasonic NT-ZP1 Toaster from the new Breakfast Collection.


What do you think? Let me tell you about some of the features. Features that I didn’t even know toasters could have!

7-level browning control. I do think that many toasters have levels, but are they in LED lights on the side that you can watch move up as the bread toasts?

Defrost and Reheat settings. Yep. Just want to warm something up without having it toast? Maybe a chocolate chip cookie to make it ooey gooey? You can with a push of a button.

Built-in Warming Rack. Set your muffins right on top the grill and get them warm! I love this when I’m toasting bread for the 5 of us. You can’t toast all the slices at once of course, but now they don’t get cold while you wait for everyone to get done.


Extra wide slots. Fits our bagels.

Bread is hot but touch is cool. Put your finger on the toaster when it’s working and it won’t burn you, but take that bread out when it pops up and watch out! It is hot!

It’s pretty. Made of Stainless Steel and transparent glass. Comes in both Smoke and Violet color which matches the other two appliances in the new Breakfast Collection – a coffee maker and kettle.

Fancy smancy?


 It will look really awesome in your kitchen!

 WIN this Toaster from Panasonic!

in smoke color


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