Foods to Keep You Hydrated

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It’s hot out. And dry. I am constantly reaching for my glass of water I keep nearby. I do love drinking water, but not everyone does. Today I want to share with you foods to keep you hydrated. Yes foods you eat all the time!

This week I attended a lecture at our nearby Sprouts Farmers Market about how much a person needs to drink in a day. The talk was given by a local nutritionist, Suzanne Farrell, who taught me a few things to share with you. 

According to the Institute of Medicine, a women needs 91oz of fluids in a day. Don’t worry about guzzling down all that liquid though, because there are foods that are easy to prepare that are high in water. It all counts towards your daily intake.

Foods to Keep You Hydrated

Foods to Keep You Hydrated

What food as the highest water content?

My first thought was watermelon which is roughly 91% of water, but it is the cucumber at 97%! Other fruits and vegetables with over 90% of water are:

Iceberg lettuce – see it’s good for something! Use for sandwich wraps.

Other veggies – Celery, Radish, Tomato, Peppers, Cauliflower, Spinach, Broccoli, Carrots.

Other fruits – Star Fruit, Strawberries, Grapefruit, Cantaloupe.

Remember canned and frozen work well too!

Foods to Keep You Hydrated

Foods to think about during the summer months that contain water.

Salads – for both the veggies and the dressing.

Oatmeal – a great start to your day!

Soups – it’s hard for me to eat soups in the summer, but they do have a great water base.

Popsicles – a great dessert when it’s hot. Look for the all fruit variety!

Other Drinks – Does coffee count? Yes! No more than 2 cups or studies show it could be DE-hydrating.

Coconut Water is a fun alternative – add fresh fruit or I love to blend it in my smoothies.

Fresh Juices- Did you know that Sprouts has fresh pressed juices to drink as you shop?

Foods to Keep You Hydrated

How much do you think about staying hydrated?

Hope I’ve given you some thoughts about Foods to Keep You Hydrated!

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I partnered with Sprouts Farmers Market for this sponsored post. All opinions my own. 

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