My First Time in Las Vegas

I received the best present ever this year for Christmas. Tickets to the Celine Dion concert in Vegas! Not only has this been on my bucket list since the moment she opened at Caesar’s Palace 14 years ago, but I had never been to this city before. I have to share my first time in Las Vegas with you!

36 days later I was on my way! AND I think it was the first time EVER (or a super duper long time) that Hubby and I have traveled without the kids. It was only for one night, but it was going to be memorable!

We arrived early and checked into Caesar’s Palace with this view! Well, this is the night time view of course.

First Time in Las Vegas Nighttime Strip with Fountains

We were in the Augustus Tower and it looked down to the strip and Bellagio Fountains which went off every 15-30 minutes. We propped our hotel room chairs up to the window and had lots of free entertainment that night.

I knew from research to put on my walking shoes and I did. I walked 25,000 steps that first day exploring the city. The places on my list to check out for my first time in Las Vegas were:

Winn Hotel: It was gorgeous and decorated with fresh flower displays. We had to hit a buffet while in town so our first meal was here. It was huge with every type of food including a room just for desserts!

First Time in Las Vegas Winn Buffet

First Time in Las Vegas Winn Hotel

Venetian Hotel. This is my dad’s favorite hotel in Vegas so we had to check it out. Gondola rides through the shops. Inside! It was beautiful, but know what my favorite find was? It was Carlos Bakery (Cake Boss!) in Nevada! I stopped and bought a treat to bring the boys home because we are all huge fans of the show.

First Time in Las Vegas Venetian

First Time in Las Vegas Carlos Bakery

Bellagio Hotel. We were spoiled with watching their fountains from our room, but we also wanted to see the inside and the famous botanical gardens which were themed up for Chinese New Year of the Rooster. So pretty!

First Time in Las Vegas Bellagio Botanical Gardens

and of course we roamed Caesar’s Palace a lot in our 24 hours. The forum shops, the many restaurants, the large casino areas and definitely the Colosseum where Celine’s show was.

First Time in Las Vegas Caesar's Palace

First Time in Las Vegas Celine Dion

First Time in Las Vegas Celine Dion
This was the Titanic song and water fell around her.

oh Celine. Your show was fabulous and you didn’t disappoint with all my favorites. I was seriously dreading the end of the show because I wanted it to go on forever. I’m already planning my return to watch again! ha! I didn’t want my short time in Vegas to end either. Here are a few things on my list we didn’t get to.

Mirage volcanos that erupt every half an hour.

Top of the Eiffel Tower at the Paris hotel, though you will see my hotel room view that we are almost equal to it! Check out Groupon for good rates.

New York New York Hotel would have been fun to see, especially since I’ve never been to New York City either! That’s where I should go next. 🙂

Screen Shot 2017-02-09 at 10.57.25 AM
Our view flying west out of Denver

I just wanted to share my fun pictures with you for my first time in Las Vegas!

Have you been to Vegas before?

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