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First Beach Day This Year!

We have been telling the boys for weeks now that we’d take them to the beach but something always came up so this weekend we made it Our Plan! The hardest part was getting them to understand that the water is still to cold and no they can’t ride their boogie boards.

Stubborn O’Bear brought his anyway. And he carried it to and from the car with no use 🙂

We took a TON of pictures as it’s baby P’Diddy’s first real experience at the beach. Not counting last year when I wouldn’t let him touch the sand. Here are a few I picked to share with you…

We could not find our shovels! I grabbed whatever I could find in the kitchen including ladles and measuring cups!

They take a countless amount of trips to and from the water for their “diggings”


First touch of sand in his toes

Look what I found mama

I love giving kisses!

All my babes

We are very attached 🙂

Are you lucky enough to have a beach to visit sometimes?


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  • oh I am so jealous. Beaches here won't be nice to even go to for at least another 6 - 8 weeks and forget going in the water until at least midJune. Sigh. You are a lucky beach mama. Pictures are super adorable!!!
  • Sometimes we pretend the 4 feet of snow is white sand...sigh... you are so lucky. We keep saying we will move some place warm one day...

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