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Isn’t it funny how things come around right when you need them?

My oldest will be starting middle school next month. sniff sniff. One of the decisions he has to make is if he wants to be in the band. It is very big at our middle school. The best in the state actually, so a lot of kids get involved. Hubby and I wonder if he will really like it and offered him the choice of taking guitar lessons instead. He is now in the decision making process of the pros and cons of band vs. guitar.

Where can we find music lessons in our town? Is there one close to us? How much is it? We’ve wondered if online lessons would work?

We’ve been asking all these questions lately and then suddenly I was introduced to


Through TakeLessons I can find a private music teacher by zip code.  I can view profiles and backgrounds and reviews on my search results.  Every instructor completes an extensive interview, training, and an annual criminal background check.  I can then book and pay right online.

Gosh we can do more and more online everyday! Actually at TakeLessons you can find teachers who will TEACH Online Music Lessons. I am very intrigued to see if this would work. How nice it would be not to have to drag all 3 kids out each week for C’Man’s lesson?


100% Money Back Guarantee. There is no reason not to try it! 🙂
For the next month use code: SUMMERMUSIC11  for 20% off to book your lesson online or call 619-618-7507 to talk through options and pricing with a Student Counselor. Calling is the best way to determine pricing in your area!

Using this code and this link lets them know you came from my blog. Thank you and wishing you lots of music fun! 🙂

 Is anyone in your family interested in taking music lessons?


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