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Find an Inclusive Playground Near You

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I love going to parks now even more than I did when all my kids were small. Each time I watch my 8 year old playing, I think to myself that my time left visiting playgrounds is coming to an end. He won’t want to pull over when we drive by a play area and run to stretch his legs. I’m thankful for every moment we spend outside together.

Find an Inclusive Playground Near You

I know his because P’Diddy has a fourteen year old brother who is too cool to jump around or swing. Thankful though his sixteen year old brother likes to still play and that is because he likes to climb. My rock climber of the family can not pass a wall, tall rock, or rope course without climbing it. His little bro following along.

Find an Inclusive Playground Near You

A few days ago, on the most beautiful day of the week, we visited a Landscape Structures Inclusive Playground in Thornton, Colorado. I parked the car on top of a hill and thought wow this is beautiful! The park consisted of 2 ponds (with geese to feed!), an amphitheater, and one of largest and coolest playgrounds I have ever seen. We couldn’t wait to get a closer look.

What I loved most about this playground is not only are our children using their physical play skills, but they learning how things work. Every piece of equipment is sensory-loaded for young minds to think, hands to feel, and feet to run and climb.

Does this turn or go back and forth?

Find an Inclusive Playground Near You

How does this work?

Find an Inclusive Playground Near You

Can I climb down this safely?

Find an Inclusive Playground Near You

Which way should I go?

Find an Inclusive Playground Near You

How high is this slide?

They are also learning how to share, take turns, be a leader, and developing friendships with other kids big and small, who may or may not look like them. Even though these friendships last for just a few minutes, it might impact their whole day and create priceless conversations with you later on.

 Celebrate Sensory Awareness Month this October.

We did! Watch our video below. You’ll love this playground!

Find an inclusive playground near you.

You’ll be shaping your kids into thinkers, dreamers and leaders!

Find an inclusive playground near you.

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  • Our boys would love playing together on the playground! I feel like all the things P is doing are things my boys try too!!! Love that park!

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