Fight Sickness Naturally with Thera Zinc


Being sick is no fun. Both my younger boys have missed a few days of school this season when it passed through our house, but C’Man always seems to miss it. I spoke too soon because this week the cold germs caught up with him. Running nose, sore throat, a small cough he can’t seem to get rid of. He is working hard to fight sickness naturally with Thera Zinc and make this go away!

Fight Sickness Naturally

I normally make a batch of elderberry syrup each season, but for some reason I haven’t yet. I was excited when I was introduced to Thera Zinc, a lozenge that is loaded with natural ingredients including elderberries. Research from Europe suggests that Elderberry and Zinc provide the nutritional support your body craves and that is the base of Thera Zinc – a formula to help boost your immune system.

Fight Sickness Naturally

How do we fight sickness naturally at our house?

Get adjusted. What we do first. Why kids should see a chiropractor.

Lots of Liquids. A glass of water, 100% fruit or vegetable juice, or kombucha is always by our side.

Sleep. The rule in our house is if you are sick, then you have to take a nap.

Stock up on Vitamins. Probiotics, multi-vitamins, echinacea, vitamin C – whatever we have in the house we take.

Essential Oils. Our house smells extra good when we are sick. We are covered in oils and diffuse them.

Fresh air & exercise. Now I don’t mean strenuous exercise when you don’t feel good, but a walk around the block. The sun on your face is a great thing and walking is definitely good for you anytime.

Thera Zinc. What is there not to love. A vitamin-pill that you suck on/chew that tastes like candy with the raspberry flavor. You can buy it in a roll which means it can easily fit in the kid’s school bag or my purse. Filled with immune fighting elderberry and zinc – it’s actively working to make you feel better.

How does your house fight sickness naturally?

Find Thera Zinc on Amazon or hopefully at a store near you.

They carry it at Sprouts! (remember that giveaway too)

Fight Sickness Naturally

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