Feeling Better with AT&T’s FamilyMap


The other day I introduced you to this cool new app that I have on my iphone. It’s called FamilyMap and is only available through AT&T.

My oldest just turned eleven this week. Time flies! We are starting to let him stay home by himself for short periods of time so we have a third phone that he calls His, though I continue to call it ‘the third phone.’ I also have him bring it along whenever we are in a situation where we might be split up. For example, when we go to his brother’s lacrosse game he likes to stay at the playground nearby.

I feel much better with my new app. It lets me track his phone wherever he is. I can bring up a live satellite or interactive map that pinpoints his location. It’s pretty fast too!

Another neat feature is Schedule Checks. I can schedule any time of day for it to text me his location. This would be super great for a working parent. They can be sent info on their child at 4:00 everyday after they are home from school.

As I’ve used FamilyApp over the last 30 days I found I didn’t use it quite as much as I thought I would, just because he is still young and not out of my sight much (thought it does make me feel better no matter what) BUT next year is junior high. More freedom and responsibility. You can bet that we will be counting on this awesome technology to trace him! 🙂

 family map

See, you can add your family’s faces to personalize. Add up to 5 lines…

The first 30 days are Free for you to try out. Then $9.99/mo or $14.99/mo will be on your bill depending on the number of lines you are tracing.

Check out AT&T’s FamilyMap!


I’m reviewing this program for AT&T who is compensating me for my time. All opinions are my own.

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